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“Giving for Greece”

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Xenia Papastavrou's  from Bodosaki foundation during her London latest presntation

on the right; Xenia Papastavrou from Bodossaki Foundation during her London latest presentation

The Bodossaki Foundation is one of the largest privately owned public-benefit organisations in Greece. Since its founding in 1973, it has administered more than €400m aiming to promote the provision of health care, education, environmental protection and the strengthening of civil society. In addition, the Foundation was appointed in 2012 as Fund Operator of the European Economic Area Grants (EEA Grants) for NGOs in Greece, becoming the first and only private organization managing EEA Funds in Greece. The Programme, now in its final phase, has supported more than 70 NGOs in Greece, working on human rights, welfare services, advocacy and sustainable development and has reached approximately 100.000 end beneficiaries mainly coming from vulnerable groups.

Our latest initiative called “Giving for Greece”, is a Center for Philanthropy that channels all our team’s expertise into assisting corporations, charitable institutions and individuals so that they can make informed choices when deciding how best to contribute to Greece. We design programs of charitable giving (donor-advised funds) for individuals who wish to engage in philanthropy in Greece, who need advice and direction and who do not want to incur the burdens of setting up a charity or a foundation of their own. Our Management team ensures that funds are managed according to the principles of good governance.

Apart from donor-advised funds, we also set up thematic funds to address emergency needs that are not being sufficiently addressed. Our first thematic fund is the Unaccompanied Refugee Fund. Please see attached leaflet.

On this programme, we are working with the most trustworthy and effective NGOs that are providing services for these kids. Our approach is to channel funds to the services that are needed most. This is extremely important because needs are changing all the time and donors must have the assurance that their money is making a real difference. Only in the first three months of 2016, 1.329 children were registered as unaccompanied and presently 380 children are at risk and in desperate need of shelter. They are being kept in detention conditions in police stations and some are living alone in tents across the country at the risk of smugglers and traffickers. All allocated funds will be accounted for and donors will have the satisfaction of knowing how many kids they have helped and what their money has achieved. The services include medical care, shelter, guardianship, psycho-social support. It is very clear that we all need to work together to ensure that a complementary network of services is going to be provided for the safety and wellbeing of these kids. This is not an ad hoc thing, it is a whole process that begins from the moment the kids arrive in Greece up until they are put in a safe shelter or reunited with their family.

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