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Uncertainty continues in the Shipping Markets; Geopolitics in a total mess

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI closed earlier on today at 715 points – that is 11 points up since yesterday, thanks to the Capers’ 25 plus points, bringing the BCI 2014 at 1, 160 points. John Faraclas’ briefing:

Indeed one size cannot create a market; we have constantly repeat this! The Capers have been all along the culprit of all… The Panamaxes were down 14 points, now standing at 704; caution…

The other two dry-sizes the Supras and the Handies stood, the BSI at 573 – that’s nine points up and the BHSI at 362 – that’s four points plus…

All in all a very difficult situation and wonder what will stimulate the market. For a start China is on a downwards trend and as Geopolitics go from worse to worse, you can imagine.

Strange “feelings” for the Wets, as the BDTI was down four points at 774 and the BCTI remained the same at 555 points.

The Price of oil maintained a plus symbol and the WTI stood at region US$ 45 ! Not bad , but still, but…

We need to see over the next six months, another 20 pecent  – at least , of all types of ships to end in the recycling …process! We need to see in 2017 at least another 25 centum demolished tonnage, again of all types. What will happen with lost values and bankrupties both of shipowners and excess losses by the banks and “others”, this is another story altogether! New ships will have to be introdued as new technologies are ante portas! The new technology will change the markets; the newbuilding will save the shipyards and save the world economy! A social upturn will be thus avoided!

Laid-up tonnage in Elefsis, off Piraeus in Greece - photo credits: Katerina Nomikou Maritime Photography

Laid-up tonnage in Elefsis, off Piraeus in Greece – photo credits: Katerina Nomikou Maritime Photography

Risk in the shipping industry; risk, this little word for a very big subject, that of a shipping company’s successful projection for the future, must be always appropriately organised and rank high in the business agenda. We are all at risk now. The remedy? We live it for your comments and will immy respond! One thing that bothers all is the laid up tonnage, particularly in Greece. That’s good and bad news; you dead well know what I mean!

On the Geopolitcl front now:

The World is about to witness despicable catastrophes on all fronts and you don’t know from were to begin: The Syrian sage? The Migrants issue? Or the bankruptcies all around; the Terrorists dirty plays and suspense of what comes up tomorrow? BREXIT and GREXIT are also the main drivers in the news and let’s see what happens! The North Korean palaver? The Chinese economic downfall? The south American coming adventures – Brazil for a start… The African spill over… The Russian aggression… The Terrorist syndromes… How will the new American president react after his first 100 days in office on these “current” issues?

We are closely watching the strangulation of the Greek people, both from their politicians of all parties – fairs fair (the current government in Athens must be ousted), and the European Union coupled with dirty games from the IMF and other factors are trying to finsih off the Greek people. As if these issues are not enough, Turkey escalates the provocations against Greece in all fronts – only today there were 39 violations of Greece’s and Europe’s airspace by a couple of dozens warplanes as well as other provacations: C A U T I O N. CAUTION also for Turkey itself as we are receiving mixed and exciting so to speak signals. The US gave a warning for its citizens to be careful when in Turkey, as the country might witness terrorist attacks in all its touristic cities. Shame of course, but… thre are other dangerous situations which might also make Turkey a difficult place. Prime Minister Davutoglou reassured all that nothing will change from the current constitution; we shall see…

The energy issues on all global spots might produce a messy war; we are giving you a strong warning!

Anyway, be on guard; the coming days, weeks and possibly months ahead will shape a new world, but this will only happen via a messy Armageddon!

Have a nice evening; tomorrow it is another day!

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