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Ship Efficiency Weekly E-News Bulletin 1 May 2016

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5 Ways To Act On Cybersecurity In The Shipping Industry

As the industry moves into a smart-shipping era, the risk of cyber threats is at an all-time high. Cyber threats are one of the most serious economic and international security challenges facing the maritime industry today.We previously published the “Top 5 Facts About Cyber Attacks”. Now we present the top 5 ways to act on the cyber security of shipping operations. We examine the measures and methods available to the industry to reduce the cyber threats so evident in today’s world.

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NGOs Voice Dismay At EU’s Failure To Push For Arctic HFO Ban

Eight Environmental NGOs, including the Bellona Foundation, Transport & Environment and WWF have shamed the EU for its failure to push for a ban on the use of HFO in Arctic waters.

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Fleet Xpress Update To Be Delivered At Smart Operations Singapore

Global mobile satellite communications giant Inmarsat are giving Singapore ship owners and operators the opportunity to gain vital insight into their Fleet Xpress service on May 12, 2016during the Smart Operations Singapore forum.

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MOU Connects Cavotec And ABB For Cold Ironing Partnership

Cavotec and ABB will be offering turn-key cold ironing solutions to ports together after signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

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Free-To-Access Shipping Cybersecurity Online Platform Launched

A new online platform has been launched that will enable ship owners to discuss and combat cyber threats.

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Port of Antwerp To Get Alternative Fuel Hub

The Antwerp Port Authority has signed a 30-year concession agreement with energy provider ENGIE to develop an Alternative Energy Hub for liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the port.

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German Shipowners’ Association Supports Data Collection Decision

The German Shipowners’ Association has revealed that it fully endorses the outcome of MEPC’s 69th session, which mandates the recording of all CO2 emissions from ships.

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Online Antifouling Cost Comparison Calculator Unveiled

GAC has unveiled its EnvironHull online fuel savings calculator that enables ship owners and operators to compare the costs associated with different hull cleaning methods.

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EMSA Embraces Emissions Monitoring Drone

The European Maritime Safety Agency will issue a tender for the procurement of an unmanned aerial vehicle to assist with its data and information gathering efforts and the intention to expand its range of unmanned capabilities in the future.

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Port of Turku to Investigate LNG Terminal Potential

The Port of Turku, which is located south west Finland, has announced that a contract has been signed technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs, to investigate the potential of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Turku region.

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Hull & Propeller Performance Software To Be Thrusted Into German Market

Hull and propeller performance software developers propulsion Dynamics have teamed up with Hamburg-based Ecks Marine in order to push their CASPER solution into the German market.

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Milestone Reached For Hull Coating

Hempel has revealed that its antifouling coating, Hempaguard, has been applied to 500 ships as of April 26, 2016.

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KBB to Reveal Latest Turbocharging Solutions

KBB are to reveal a range of innovative turbocharging developments at CIMAC 2016 to meet emissions reduction challenges today.

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