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Sow the Wind (Technology) and Reap the Rewards

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IWSA logo JPEGDr. Michael Traut, a researcher from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Manchester will be presenting ‘Sow the wind (technology) and reap the rewards’ at the Natural Propulsion Seminar. 

His research on quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, and on wind power technology as a mitigation option, informs his presentation on moving away from fossil fuels, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, and towards more sustainable energy sources as one of the major challenges in shipping.

“One promising option is wind – a renewable, and freely available energy source. But in order for a wind propulsion technology to succeed in shipping markets, there must be a viable economic proposition, ” says Dr. Traut.

Such a proposition rests on the expected performance and resultant fuel savings. With limited availability of real world data, he will present a model to estimate savings, following the aim of producing estimates that are: as accurate as possible; based on a transparent methodology; therefore credible; and applicable to a wide range of scenarios.

Matching various technologies with various ship types and sizes, and combining respective numerical models with wind data on important shipping lanes, fuel savings and other key parameters can be calculated for any given date and voyage speed. Initial findings are given in the context of a wider project to assess the potential and barriers to wind propulsion in shipping.

The Natural Propulsion Seminar,  May 24, is held as part of BlueWeek, which is an independent, dedicated and free event hosted by the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN), where the industry, academics and institutions can come together to discuss the latest R&D initiatives, regulations and projects. The schedule also includes seminars on the challenges and innovative solutions for offshore wind and blue technology at sea.

Registration is now open (no charge) – spaces are limited  http://www.blueforum.org/?event=5th-blue-week

Program available – http://www.blueforum.org/?page_id=2462

Dr. Michael Traut

Tyndall Centre – Manchester University   

A physicist by training, Michael spent a few years at the Institute of Propulsion Technology, in the German Aerospace Centre. Becoming ever more interested in climate change, he moved on to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Manchester, to conduct research on quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, and on wind power technology as a mitigation option. He has been part of the EPSRC-funded research projects High Seas, Fleet Suite, and Shipping in Changing Climates. He has delivered consultancy work for various partners and is a co-author of the 3rd IMO GHG Study. Shipping and aviation, the global means of transporting goods and people, respectively —and and how to reconcile them with climate change mitigation targets and make them more sustainable— remain the focus of his work. In addition, he investigates wider questions about, and potential responses to climate change – as an active member of the diverse researcher community at the Tyndall Centre.


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