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Claus-Peter Offen enters the onlineSTS.net service of DYNAMARINe

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Offen Tankers13 May 2016 – Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG,  Offen Tankers (CPO) becomes a member at the onlineSTS.net service of DYNAMARINe with a fleet of 24 tanker vessels owned by CPO and SCORPIO group.

After a successful trial period of the service, Offen Tankers entered the onlineSTS.net service, raising the total number of member fleet, well above 700 vessels.

Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG, Offen Tankers, started in 2007 and is a sister company to Reederei Claus-Peter Offen, founded 1971, one of the leading container ship owners. Offen Tankers is a dynamic growing, first class ship manager of own and 3rd party tankers and bulk carriers of all types and sizes.

Offen Tankers only works with first class partners sharing the same commitment: Most reliable transport performance for optimum customer satisfaction with maximum safety and environmental awareness with the goals “zero pollution, zero accidents and zero injuries”. Use Risk Analysis and Lessons to Learn and maintain Company Culture and Personal Values.

It is a privilege for onlineSTS.net to have Offen Tankers as a member and we foresee that the Safety culture of the new member and their shipboard personnel, will now be enhanced with the procedures of the onlineSTS.net screening and risk assessment service.

Irrespective of the commercial need for STS operations, Offen Tankers recognizes the risk involved. Having a firm belief that the best risk control strategy is a well informed decision making process, Offen Tankers considers that the onlinests.net service will help the company to exercise due diligence to the best possible extent, during vessel nomination and moreover, safely perform STS operations for the benefit of safeguarding its high reputation.



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