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Uncertainty and volatility brings the BDI@ 613 points

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI gained 13 points since last Friday and Geopolitics continue to disturb everything ; John Faraclas assesses the current situation in all fronts:

The Capers once again created the volatile environment not so…much needed with 56 points up since last week’s closing, now standing at 854.

The Panamaxes and the respective BPI gained just one single point clocking 598.

The Supras and the respective BSI also obtained one point now standing at 552 and the Handies’ BHSI remained the same at 347.

So, overall, still a bad dry market as one size cannot constitute anything positive overall whatsoever!

The Wets and the last published BDTI and BCTI  were more or less on par with last week. The Dirties remained the same at 732 points whilst the Cleans lost seven, now standing at 477…

The price of WTI reached the US$ 47 creating panic in the markets worldwide as all wonder if the daily production will be increased and the outcome of the entire Middle Eastern – and its wider periphery grave issues; c a u t I o n!

The bankruptcies are looming i he background and expect a messy shipping industry, yet the best to enter and expand!

On the Geopolitical front things continue to get worse:

BREXIT begins to tick – another ticking bomb for the British, European and World Economy. Irrespective of the result and the prognosis 47 saying to stay and 36 to go, the damage has been done. Somewhere along the lines the BREXIT supporters wouldn’t like to see Britain alike Greece strangulated by the eagles of Brussels – see Germany! The Greek Economy continues to be in recession and unless the Germans, who call the shots come down to their senses,  we are at War again in Europe given the situation with the United Kingdom too and many others states whose economy is in the red! No one should risk any jeopardy because of Germany! Enough!  The Greek Government and indeed the Greek opposition have failed to convince the Greek public of their intentions, sliding Greece sooner than later to anarchy!  Shame!

The Migrants issue continue to go worse every single day; it’s Brussels to blame for, and Germany above all – did I hear you say Turkey…!!!!  I wonder if Mrs. Angelina Jolie Pitt, the UN refugee agency’s special envoy, despite her findings fully understands what entails if the situation goes worse. Indeed she found that humanitarian system for refugees is breaking down, but can she convince the UN who in turn must only report to the US and in particular to President Obama of enough is enough? The rest is nonsense!

The shameful situation much stop in Greece with the Migrants. They are humans and the deserve so long as they are on Greek soil all that required for their well being and not to be used as a political and geopolitical tool – you dead well know what I mean. At random, I pick on the despicable condition at Athens’ old airport by the seaside of Ellinikon suburb… shame! As for the Greek Islands and elsewhere, the conditions calls simply for the resignation of all!

Migrants will continue to come over both to Italy and Greece,   and to a lesser extend to Malta, Spain and other places, so long as the UN doesn’t order for a Naval Blockade to the entire Libyan coast as well as to the entire Turkish coast – not just the Anatolian one; end of the story!  In Libya too, we have the ISIS coming up and the international community intended to arm the Libyans; expect another major mess like the one we witness in Syria and Iraq…

It is important to take on account former MI6’s head on a possible social upturn in Europe given the uncontrollable Migrants issue. He also warned the visa-free travel to Turkish citizens that will blow up Europe!

What do you make n the Chinese controversy on he silence almost issue of the 5oth anniversary of its cultural revolution?

Cuba gets geared for better days! That is great news!

Tax dodgers worldwide are about to face the music, save the transparent ones – they have nothing to fear!

Nichoals Maduro in Venezuela has a limited time left… He must go, otherwise expect another mess in the North East of South America!

Turbo in Colombia hits the records with nearly eight tonnes of cocaine – good job done!

Brazil will produce many problems, but same must be solved so the country, the most powerful in South America goes ahead safely! The Olympic Games can act as a deterrent!

Iran on a newbuilding spree in China is indeed good news.

In the USA the  fight for the White House intensifies!

That’s all for the moment! Be on guard!


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