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Manolis Vournous, the Mayor of Chios

Manolis Vournous, the Mayor of Chios

“We look forward seeing all in Chios for the Greek Sailing Race Championship” said Manolis Vournous, the Mayor of Chios. This is the first time that this event will take place in Chios, the fifth largest  Greek Island in Eastern Aegean off the Anatolian Coast and one of the most beautiful, historic and powerful places on earth! Chios is known, besides the many “accolades” over ten millennia, as the Island of the Winds! So be there to participate, watch or otherwise this special race from the 28th of August until the 3rd of September 2016.

Without any doubt, this event will greatly assist Chios and its local economy and more importantly all Greek and International sailors and their teams to visit its historic places, meet the cultivators of Masticha, visit its museums and places of historic reference and see how important was, is and will continue to be, Homer’s island, the Island of Seafarers who’s Masters of the Seven Seas today control four percent of Planet Ocean’s world fleet!

Above all it will be a great experience given the prevailing weather conditions for a challenging race and test all sailors’ stamina and eagerness of the unknown!

This and many other events strengthen Maritime Tourism, one of the two pillars of the World’s Tourist economy.

Visit Chios and see why Christopher Columbus begun his trip to find the new World from Chios.  See you there!

Greece’s Hellenic Offshore Racing Club is also an Association to watch!

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