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The Latest Travel Insights From WTM London

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How Do We Mainstream Sustainable Tourism?
Last week Jeremy Smith attended Travel + Social Good in New York, USA. Here are his five takeaway points from the event about mainstreaming sustainable tourism.
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Is Google Cracking Down On Travel Bloggers?
Steve Keenan outlines the trending issues around digital and social media tourism from this year’s Social Travel Britainconference.
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Orphanage Tourism Under Fire
Professor Harold Goodwin talks about the realities of orphanage tourism and the link to significant reputational risk when offering volunteering or orphanage visits to tourists.
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Telling The Customer Where To Go
Paul Richer talks about the difficulties of having different map locations across websites, and how technology may be the answer to standardised location mapping.
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Belize Tourism Board: “Sustainability Should Go Hand In Hand With Tourism Strategy”
Belize Tourism Board has today cemented its commitment to responsible tourism with its sponsorship of the World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London.
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WTM London To Mark 20 Years Of Responsible Tourism And 10 World Responsible Tourism Days
WTM London 2016 will commemorate two key responsible tourism anniversaries; 20 years of responsible tourism and 10 years of World Responsible Tourism Days.
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