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This summer, let’s leave only our footprint on the sand!

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HELMEPA Summer Campaign Poster 2016Every summer for the past 34 years, the distinct messages of HELMEPA’s Seagull remind us all of the need to keep our seas and beaches clean.

However, data from the annual voluntary beach cleanups that HELMEPA coordinates with the participation of children and adults, Members and cooperating entities throughout Greece, confirms the widespread presence of mainly plastic litter items on our beaches.

The motto of the Seagull’s new summer poster was inspired by the messages we received from friends on HELMEPA’s Facebook page and is the following: “This summer, let’s leave only our footprint on the sand!”.This message is gradually being projected all over Greece from the 7, 500 children-members of HELMEPA Junior and the older “Cadets”, who are placing the posters in their neighborhoods, schools and along local beaches. Port and Local Authorities, Sailing and Diving Clubs and Maritime Museums are all participating in the wide dissemination of the posters, while at the same time thousands of Greek seafarers-members of HELMEPA are spreading the message across the seas and ports of the world.

So this summer, let’s fight the surrounding ignorance and indifference by showing respect to our country and protecting its marine and coastal environment.

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