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Trading Vectors: identify trading opportunities

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Manos A. Galoumis

Manos A. Galoumis

Trading Vectors is a quantitative, performance oriented proprietary trading firm, employing state of the art technology and algorithms developed over 20 years of active trading.

Trading focus is mainly on the Forex, commodities futures and indices, producing exceptional, above average performance on a sustainable basis.

Heavy investment in the development of trading algorithms and trading systems, produced  algorithms  that monitor the markets on a continuous basis 24/5, determining the market phase and specifying trading opportunities.

Core competence : Trading

Our core competence and operational focus is trading the markets, being trade centered and performance oriented.

We aim to identify trading opportunities, what we call Trading Vectors, well before the market moves,   employing a multi-dimensional approach with  the “Vector” family of algorithms to determine the current market state  and decide the corresponding trading strategy.

Vector algorithms monitor the markets 24/5 to identify changes in the main parameters of market behavior, providing a predictive element in market opportunity.  In effect, the system tracks the structural existence of a trend and determines the best way to trade.

We do not try to predict the market, rather we aim to provide tools that result to trading ideas that capitalize on market opportunities.

How we trade

Low risk “targeted” trading is employed, with low , pre-set risk of capital while aiming at pre-determined profit targets, using protective stops in every trade. In effect, the portfolios produced are low volatility.

Quantitative models are mainly based on facts and less based on expectations, with very strict risk control.

Risk control is an inherent component for sustainable performance.

Vector algorithm at a glance


Vector proposed direction of trade, the strength and the direction of the main trend along with significant stop loss levels and profit potential.

This is a market scan produced daily in a variety of markets including the FX, indices, targeted stock markets and various commodities.

VA baltic

Currently, the firm, recognizing the increasing importance of the Baltic Indices and the FFAs, implements the Vector family of algorithms to trade the indices and the major routes.

Vectors have produced exceptional performance in the corresponding instruments.

va threeVector Daily Trading Recommendations on the main Baltic Indices.

VA baltic indices

Vector Issuing Trading Orders : Buy (Green) & Sell (Red)

Vector follows the market producing Buy and Sell orders on an hourly and daily basis.

Manos Galounis – main principal of Trading Vectors

Mr. Manos Galounis is an active participant in the financial markets, initially as a broker in Athens Stock Exchange (1991), and then as a professional futures trader (1995) in currencies and commodities. In 1996 he received the Wizard of the Year award in London, ranking 2nd professional trader on annual investment performance among 4000 professional traders . The same year was awarded the classification of institutional investor. Operating a private pool of funds, he  pursued succesful aggressive investment opportunities, including the Greek Drachma.

The first private independent Introducing Broker (IB) in Greece (1997), was established, named ‘GENUS Investments & Hedging’ following the British IB structure. Being the sole provider of Commodity & Currency Hedging in Greece and Cyprus it attracted the hedging portfolios of elite companies in both countries.

Since 2009  interest becomes focused in trading mainly the futures markets with quantitative methods and algorithmic models, while  trading precious metals on physical and the futures markets with the use of quantitative models.

The Systems Dynamics Group of M.I.T. was attended in 1988 as a researcher.



You can contact Manos Galoumis on: email : info@tradingvectors.com and manos.galounis@tradingvectors.com
Tel : +44 203 2866753




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