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TT Talk 214 – VGM: latest IMO advice

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TT Club is providing an important update to all stakeholders in the international supply chain industry, who are incorporated in this recent document released by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Many will already be well prepared for this mandatory law entering force in just five weeks. Those who are not are in increasing danger of incurring commercial cost and delay, and may face regulatory censure as well. The IMO approach should protect those who try to comply; it is no comfort for those who seek to ignore or circumvent the law.

If you would like further information on any point or have any comments please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox

Risk Management Director, TT Club

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VGM: latest IMO advice


The IMO has issued a Circular to all Member States and the transport industry this week in order to assist the implementation of the VGM amendment to SOLAS, which comes into effect on 1 July. TT Club welcomes the move, noting that governments have also been urged to engage with the industry in their jurisdictions to assist with compliance and to share best practice with other national authorities.



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TT Club Container Weighing


With just five weeks to mandatory implementation of this revision of international law to require ‘verified gross mass’, urgent action between all stakeholders is required. Keep an eye on TT Club’s revamped dedicated ‘portal’ on the subject of container weighing that captures much of the industry debate and the latest position at national level.



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ICHCA’s SOLAS VGM 1 June 2016


The 3 Cs of compliance, communication and contingency will be the focus of ICHCA’s SOLAS VGM – One Month to Go round table seminar, taking place in Antwerp on 1 June.Please join TT Club’s Mike Yarwood who will be speaking in sessions 1 & 3 in this important one day seminar, hosted by ICHCA.




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