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Capers subject the Markets…

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“Contemplating” over the spring Holiday with respect to the BDI and all respective Baltic Indices performance leads no were, as the Capers did it again; John Fracas daily market briefing:

The BDI gained six points – now reading 616, thanks to the Capers. The BCI 2014 at 854 gaining 24 points was the only size to “make sense”, but can we rely in only one size? At the “expense” of all other indices the BCI did it once again!

The Panamaxes continued their drop, now minus eight points brings the BPI to 574 points!

The Supras minus one and the respective BSI standing at 580 follow closely the Handies’ BHSI now standing at 351 (plus four).

Very simply: not a healthy market! Be on guard!

The Wets now; the last BDTI and the BCTI one again with mixed results – up seven (735) and down three (500 flat!)

The price of WTI as we write these line stands close to US50 – basically trying to go over creating further havoc to all consumers. Leave  it; otherwise many will lose the power to command… Revolts and conflagrations are to surface!

The Geopolitics are an issue of concern as we are pretty sure that a lot will happen in the Eastern Mediterranean region ; when? Well, be on guard. This is a warning to all, particularly for those having ships in this region and its periphery or except same inbound / outbound.

Europe in a total mess; when Europe is in a mess expect the unexpected.

We eagerly wait for the Posidonia 2016 and its debates where we will ensure to ask tough questions; be there and prepared!

Have a nice evening!

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