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Dassault Systèmes congratulates Heesen Yachts on the delivery of its 70-meter Galactica Super Nova

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The Galactica Super Nova

The Galactica Super Nova

May 31 2016 – Heesen Yachts has delivered its largest yacht to date, the Galactica Super Nova, measuring 70 meters with a maximum speed of 30.3 knots.  The fully customized yacht was built and delivered in just 35 months usingDassault Systèmes’ virtual collaborative design, engineering and manufacturing applications for marine and offshore.

The Galactica Super Nova is one of the 200 largest and fastest yachts in the world.  Its slender aluminum hull was engineered by Heesen Yachts’ in-house specialists in collaboration with Dutch naval architects van Oossanen.  The hull is coupled with a unique propulsion system—the first time such a configuration has been applied to a superyacht—consisting of two MTU wing engines with fixed pitch propellers and a third central engine with a Rolls Royce booster water jet.  As a result, the vessel can accelerate from 0 to 30 knots in just 75 seconds and exceed the contractual top speed by 0.3 knots, while being quiet and highly maneuverable in all sea conditions.

No two luxury yachts are alike.  Each one requires perfect planning and execution, from ideation to manufacture, for the complex integration of structure, engines, piping, interior and exterior layouts and amenities that reflect an owner’s ideas and set new quality and performance standards.

Heesen Yachts has long used Dassault Systèmes’ marine and offshore solutions for the design, engineering and production of its high-speed, aluminum luxury vessels.  Heesen Yachts can leverage a 3D-based development process that begins with brainstorming sessions with the client and improves multidisciplinary collaboration.  A thorough pre-design phase results in a more efficient construction process, to meet delivery schedules and customer expectations.

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