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MEDASSET and NK join forces for marine turtle conservation

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Georgia Trismpioti, MEDASSET’s Director writes:

The Korean leading company NK CO., Ltd., being a global leader manufacturing Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) for ships, and fire- fighting equipment, has entered in to a new environmental sponsorship agreement with MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to save the sea turtles), as part of NK’s philosophy to preserve the environment and especially the sea.  On the other hand, MEDASSET mission is to protect sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean basin.


The rationale for the sponsorship lies in the importance for the marine environment of effective management of the ballast water used by the shipping industry according to IMO regulations.  Transported all over the world, this water has been responsible for the introduction of many invasive alien species, causing damage to finely balanced ecosystems that has proved irreparable.  The Piraeus based company, OCEANKING S.A., who represent NK in Greece and Cyprus, has played a pivotal role in bringing about the sponsorship between MEDASSET and NK.

The first stage of the sponsorship will support the development of an educational online game that, while it engages and entertains, also works to promote environmental awareness and impart knowledge about sea turtles and the challenges they face.

“An environmental NGO joining forces with a global leader like NK’s who is working to improve the environmental footprint of a whole industry can only be a positive thing.  The creation of an educational tool, aimed principally at raising the environmental awareness of young people, could have far reaching effects that are felt even beyond the Mediterranean, enabling MEDASSET’s messages to be present all around the globe – just like sea turtles and Greek shipping are”, says Georgia Trismpioti, Director of MEDASSET.

OCEANKING's Costas Hassiotis

OCEANKING’s Costas Hassiotis

“We are very proud that we have encouraged NK Co. Ltd, to sponsor the ambitious mission of MEDASSET in preserving the sea turtle, as a positive and practical confirmation of NK and Oceanking environmental policy. We are happy and grateful that our partners NK is proving their environmental consciousness to the Greek shipping community, as a great number have already installed the NK-03 Ballast Water Treatment Systems on board their vessels. We are pleased we have been instrumental in this “marriage”, which we launch in Posidonia 2016 maritime exhibition, hoping that this cooperation will be long-term and beneficial to the environment”, says Mr. Costas Hassiotis, CEO of OCEANKING SA.

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