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SRH Marine and Aage Hempel, through a Joint Venture…

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SHR JVSRH Marine and Aage Hempel,  through a Joint Venture, have agreed the creation of a new service company in Cyprus”

8th June, 2016 – SRH Marine and Aage Hempel have announced today a very important step forward in their strategic development plan to expand their existing global service network to their clients and to the whole maritime industry. SRH Marine and Aage Hempel, through a Joint Venture, have agreed the creation of a new service company in Cyprus with the intention of providing the most extensive worldwide service network, through offering the highest quality service, their extensive portfolio of represented brands, and with launching the revolutionary “Global Service Agreements” and “Bridge Technical Management (BRI.TE.M) Agreements”.

Kostas Sismanidis, Managing Director of SRH Marine said:

“We had been looking for a highest quality and global service partner, when Aage Hempel approached us to ask about offering their service to the market and clients. From the beginning, both parties clearly identified the tremendous synergies, and the high value we could offer together to the market. So we decided to join our forces, and the outcome has been the creation of this new company”.

SRH Marine and Aage Hempel will remain unchanged and independent companies; but we will build together this new service company, through combining all our long experience in the Maritime market, and by offering from Cyprus our new-fangled “Global Bridge Technical Management Service Agreement” to the market.

Luis Ayala, the General Manager of Aage Hempel said:

“SRH Marine and Aage Hempel´s new global service marine electronic company, namely “SRH AAGE HEMPEL Limited”, is a perfect example of our intended international expansion plans, combining not only closer direct contact with the owner, but also highly qualified service on board within marine electronic sector, IT solutions, and certifications. All of which, guaranteed through a well-established and consolidated position; and with the undisputable reputation of two of the leading, most respected companies in the market”.

About SRH

SRH Marine – Member of the group SAIT ELECTRONICS, was founded in its current form back in 1995 and has become the leading provider in the Greek Maritime Industry, offering an integrated Bridge Technical Management Portfolio including Radio and Safety Communication, Navigation and e-Navigation solutions, Safety and innovating Digital Chartroom Products. Integrating expertise with innovation, SRH Marine has introduced BRI.TE.M solution aiming to offer high quality services with optimum results in a control environment. SRH Marine today employs 61 people while the total turnover exceeded €20 Million.

About Aage Hempel Group

Aage Hempel Group (1927), with a turnover in excess of €23 million and more than 120 professionals, leader in merchant service, and is focused on 24/7/365 global maritime service, is based in Spain (Algeciras, Group Headquarters) and located in Malta, Holland, Portugal, Panama, Morocco, and through our sister companies NAVTEAM and SMD Telecommunications in Denmark, Poland, Malaysia, South Africa and Namibia. Aage Hempel Group is part of the marine electronic leader group “grupoarbulu”.

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