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Posidonia Market aftermath…

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Not a good start after the successful, on all counts, Posidonia as the Markets and Geopolitics turn sour… ; John Faraclas daily market briefing:

  • With minus one point the BDI now standing at 609 isn’t at all encouraging!
  • The Capers’ BCTI 2014 gained eight points and  read 1, 014 points…
  • All other indices have dropped: the Panamaxes’ BPI down one at 542, the Supras down three at 554 and the Handies’ BHSI down five now reading 322 gives you the extent of the situation!
  • The Wets too, both Dirty and Clean on a down fall: The BDTI lost six points (now @730), and the BCTI lost two (now @473).
  • The WTI struggles to maintain a level  above the US$ 50… we shall see, as it looks it might go below US$ 47 soon amids a great uncertainty.

The Geopolitics continue with the Migrants as always being the number one issue.

BREXIT might cause tremors unless…

Despite all the happenings for those well places a great market to get in and punish the shipyards… You dead well know what I mean!

Have a good evening and hope most of you arrived back home with the great Posidonia experience ever on all counts!

We have also to unwind and tackle sensitive business issues which one day we will reveal. Best regards from Kallichoron in Astypalea!

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