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Guidance on Drug & Alcohol policies and testing from IMCA

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Richard Benzie

Richard Benzie

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published ‘Guidance on drug & alcohol policies and testing’ (SEL 040). It is downloadable free of charge to members and non-members alike at www.imca-int.com/media/252259/imcasel040.pdf.

Within its 28 pages there are sections on ‘Who should be tested? – Reasons for testing’; ‘Tests for drug and alcohol abuse’; ‘Urine testing’; ‘Breath testing’; ‘Record keeping’;  ‘Problems with testing’; and ‘Cut-off levels’ as well as a useful glossary of terms and guidance on further information.

The document addresses the importance of a broad multi-disciplinary approach, with the involvement of different departments, including Occupational Health, Human Resources, and Legal as well as operations departments.

“Naturally, the focus of a drug and alcohol policy should be on prevention, ” says Richard Benzie, IMCA’s Technical Director. “Education of the workforce will help them ‘buy into’ the process, making it easier to implement policies and procedures relating to drug and alcohol testing.”

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