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Created with GIMPMost of us in Britain will be voting on Thursday, but if you get a chance perhaps take a look at the next programme in our series on great thinkers. We’re exploring the power of philosophy and the peril of grandstanding rhetoric; plus the attendant danger when ideas calcify into ideologies. Nietzsche 9pm 23rd June BBC 4, Freud 9pm 30th June, Marx now on iPlayer. All repeated Tuesdays 11pm. 

‘Terrific…Bettany Hughes astutely explored the influences of Karl Marx’
The Times

‘A revealing portrait of a ‘middle-class bad-boy’. Watch this intelligent assessment’
The Observer

‘All great men have their blindspots, as one of the array of wonderfully articulate and passionate experts Hughes crammed into her dense, but accessible hour, put it…an illuminating programme’
The Guardian

The Express

‘Deftly weaving together her own opinions with those of fellow historians, Hughes shows how Nietzsche’s views were exploited by the Nazis and looks at his slow descent into madness’
The Telegraph

‘Friederich Nietzsche? Isn’t he the philosopher whose elitist thinking fuelled the Nazis? Well, no. Bettany Hughes shows here in a lucid programme full of big, chewy ideas just how off-target that caricature is’
Radio Times

‘Hughes threatens to reveal “the man behind the revolutionary” but never fear: Hughes is a good enough scholar to distinguish public importance from human interest trivia’
The Financial Times

‘This in-depth new series’
Pick of the Week, Mail on Sunday

Pick of the Week and Day in the Mail on Sunday, Times,  Sunday Times, Mail, Observer, Financial Times, Radio Times, I. et al.

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