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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Despite the fact that lately all dry indices are on a plus modus, this fuels uncertainty with global implications and might create more problems than initially envisaged; John Faraclas’ daily Market and Geopolitics briefing:

With 11 points plus the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) fuels uncertainty as this sounds a very oxymoron situation at 627, which means 337 points higher than the early February 2016  days when the BDI was floored down at its historic low of 290 (10 Feb.2016), things are better although the gap with the unprcedented 20 May 2008 11, 793 points might never ever be obtainable, unless War, father of all makes it happen….

The Capers gained 17 points, now standing at 936 – hopefully we might see the 1, 000 threshold point mark …conquered again.

The Panamaxes also gained 17 points and now read 618.

Supras and Handies six and five points plus respectively – another happy sign bring the BSI and BHSI at 593 and 336 points.

So an asymmetrical situation given what happens in the commodities markets but with a reversal to plus in all major stock markets, things does hide something…

The price of WTI lost ground as we said last night, but now as these lines are being written, is on the plus at US$ 47.50…. Caution as five up and five down might become a double figure with nasty repercussions…

Still a good market to acquire tonnage particularly newbuildings. That entails availability of funds so see what you can do from your own equity coffers or others’ if they understand that this is one in a million case – a very favourable market pricewise to improve your future healthy presence in the shipping markets!

Geopolitically-wise, BREXIT already creates havoc and the damage is for all, although the old maxim: “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”, applies! BREXIT though has nothing to do with Shipping and same shouldn’t be in any way connected; if anybody tries to involve BREXIT and Shipping he/she must go to the …cuckoo’s nest!

We await the outcome of tonight’ deliberations in Brussels and we will revert with an extra Geopolitical update. BREXIT or BREMAIN both have a lot to challenge Europe for, and the world at large.

Be on guard but hope many of you out there are well prepared with respective plans and actions; otherwise you are not business-oriented people like the masters of the seven seas!

P.S.: In any event, those who are calling a fast one on others or avoid discussions (even constructive ones for the benefit of all in Planet Ocean) and some being traitors too, will one day appear and be accordingly reprimanded – as it happens in everyday life with pesters and traitors and all these crazy lunatics whom unfortunately many believe(d)…!

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