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Unsustainable BDI@692…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With only four points plus, once again the BDI proves unsustainable; add Geopolitical uncertainty and see what you get. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The BCI 2014, the Capers’ volatile index lost 15 points after an 100 points rally with the only achievement that of going over and above the 1, 000 threshold…  The locomotive of the dry sector lost its steam…

The Panamaxes continued their slow but steady advance with 25 points – one of the latest best, now standing at 735 points.

Supras and Handies had a minimal plus. The BSI gained four points (647) and the BHSI just two (342).-

It could have been worse for the entire dry market, so let’s wait for the Autumn’s …readings/levels when other parameters will also count!

The Wets were both down. The last published BDTI and BCTI lost seven (now at 679 points) and six (now at 456) points respectively.

The price of WTI close to US$ 46! Interesting figure to built on the big argument on oil prices!

The Geopolitical issues as always influence the entire markets.

The Migrants being still by far the most important issue; a lot has to be done. Its ethics above all though!

The BREXIT still sends shocking waves all over Planet Ocean. The race for  No. 10 continues with Teresa May – our favourite, leading the way!

At the other side of the Atlantic Mrs. Clinton was very lucky indeed with the FBI investigation on the IT security… Mr. Trump is not impressed though at all.

More to come soon….

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