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MAST launches new Chinese version of website

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mast 25 NV 2012 003MAST, the international maritime security company,  has today launched the Chinese version of their website which is now live at:http://mast-security.com/zh/

The launch of the new site follows MAST’s expansion into Asia with the opening of its Singapore office in November 2013,  led by General Manager Ben Stewart. MAST is successfully expanding their service to clients in Asia, supported by their offices in Singapore and Chinese -peaking Sales and Operations staff in their Stansted office.

The site is also home to MAST’s interactive Risk Map, launched this year to show real-time records of approaches, hijackings, pirate attacks and suspect activity incidents around the world.

MAST has been providing maritime security and training since 2005 and is run by respected industry figures with a rich heritage of maritime experience.

Phillip Cable, Chief Executive Officer and co founder of MAST, held a Commission in the Royal Navy for six years and has been active in providing advice and guidance to governments and commercial organisations in the field of port and ship security. In particular, he has worked throughout the Middle East in Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia where he advised governments on the issue of compliance relating to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

COO Gerry Northwood is a well-known expert in counter piracy and maritime security matters and as a Captain in the Royal Navy he commanded operations against Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and narcotics smugglers in the Caribbean. He played a key role in the creation of the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) and Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), and it was for this that he was awarded an OBE.

MAST provides innovative solutions to wide range of security issues for commercial ships and yachts, designing and installing security systems. It also has a strong international presence and has offices in the UK, Oman, Sri Lanka, United States and Singapore where their services go beyond the shoreline and provide risk management for those at sea and on land.

MAST 设新的中文网


MAST,  国际海上保安公司,  今天推出了其中文网站: http://mast-security.com/zh/

新中文网站是继MAST拓展市场至亚洲并于2013年11月在新加坡开设由总经理Ben Stewart领导的办事处后推出. 通过新加坡办事处和在英国Stansted办事处的会使用中文的销售和操作员的支持, MAST成功地向亚洲的客户推广他们的服务.

该网站还连接了MAST的互动风险地图,  今年推出此风险地图用来实时记录世界各地的海盗活动包括靠近、劫持、海盗袭击和可疑活动等事件.

自2005年以来MAST一直提供海上安全和培训服务,  由业界受尊敬的并有丰富海事经验的专家提供服务.

Phillip Cable,  首席执行官和MAST的联合创始人之一,  之前他6年的皇家海军经验并一直积极为政府和商业组织提供港口和船舶安全咨询和指导. 特别是,  在整个中东阿曼、也门和沙特阿拉伯,  他为各国政府提供关于遵守国际船舶和港口设施保安规则问题的建议.

首席运营官 Gerry Northwood 是反海盗和海上安全问题的知名专家并且曾在皇家海军作为海军上将指挥打击印度洋索马里的海盗活动和在加勒比地区的毒品走私. 他在欧盟海军部队(EUNAVFOR) 和非洲之角的海上保安中心 (MSCHOA) 的创建起到了关键作用,  并因此被授予英帝国勋章 (OBE).

MAST为商船和游艇的安全问题提供全面和创新的解决方案,  包括设计和安装安全系统. MAST在国际市场上占有重要的地位,  并在英国、 阿曼、 斯里兰卡、美国和新加坡设有办事处,  他们的服务范围超越海岸线并为那些在海上和陆地上的客户提供风险管理.


MAST is a leading global security provider with the expertise and capability to provide comprehensive security advice, including the delivery of intelligence information, physical security solutions and technology.

MAST is without doubt one of the pioneers in the maritime security industry, having been at the heart of development of the legal and operational standards that now allow clients to engage security services in the marine sector with confidence.

With offices in the UK, USA, Malta, Oman, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Singapore and China, the company has the resources and the reach to provide clients with a complete solution. For more information please visit our website: http://www.mast-security.com/

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MAST 是具备专业知识和能力的全球领先保安供应商,  能提供全面的安全建议包括情报信息、物理安全解决方案和技术.

MAST 无疑是海上安全行业的开拓者,  并处在法律和操作标准的核心位置,  使得客户更有信心地参与海事领域的安保服务.

公司在英国、美国、阿曼、斯里兰卡和新加坡的办事处,  公司拥有资源和覆盖范围,  为客户提供完整的解决方案. 了解更多信息,  请访问我们的网站: http://www.mast-security.com/

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