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Supporting Real Time Graduates

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Real Time Graduates logoIn support of the Real Time Graduates:

It is with great pleasure that we announce that following our collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Brokers (ICS), the members of the Real Time Graduates programme will receive the advantage of a 20% discount in the seminars organized by ICS. Please see below the link where you can find all information about the seminars:


Real Time Graduates connects Maritime Graduates with the Shipping Cluster. It is an initiative that aims to provide educational placement positions and valuable experience to graduates as a first step into the world of shipping. These positions are are within the scope of an educational framework allowing the Graduates to experience the world of Shipping in real time.

Visit www.investinthefuture.gr and register now to the first free database of shipping Graduates in the country directly available to the shipping industry without any participation fee, which is constantly growing.

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