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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Hurray hurray, at least the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gets some points plus, now standing at 738; Mrs. May proceeds in naming her all-British political teamThe game now begins:  John Faraclas’ daily recap:

A bit of good news, not those that make headlines – as whatever is below the 2, 000 doesn’t mean anything whatsoever given the worse ever market performance, but at least no further major …tsunamis which must be avoided as if they happen, the entire Planet Ocean’s economy will simply:  C o l l a p s e !!

The Capers’s BCI 2014 gained ten points, now standing at 1, 020; the Panamaxes’ BPI an excellent 23 points plus, now reading 842.

Supras and Handies on the low plus, with the BSI at 686 points (up seven) and the BHSI at 361 (just one up).

Alike yesterday, an improved Dry Market which still offers the exceptional opportunities to acquire second hand tonnage and Newbuldings are ridiculously low prices!

The Wets still on a very low level, the Dirties’ BDTI and the Cleans’ BCTI last published level stood at 628 – minus 11 and 433 (up one) respectively. Caution!

The price of WTI as these lines are written stands  a fraction above the  US$ 45…

On the Geopolitical front, all eyes are turned to the United Kingdom. Mrs. Theresa May has appointed the following:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer – Philip Hammond
  • Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson
  • Home Secretary – Amber Rudd
  • Defence Secretary – Michael Fallon
  • Health Secretary – Jeremy Hunt
  • Secretary of State for Exiting the EU – David Davis
  • Justice Secretary – Liz Truss
  • Education Secretary – Justine Greening
  • Secretary of State for International Trade – Liam Fox
  • Transport Secretary – Chris Grayling
  • Culture Secretary – Keren Bradley
  • Environment Secretary – Andrea Leadsom
  • Works and Pensions Secretary – Damian Green
  • Communities and Local Government – Sajid Javid
  • Northern Ieland Secretary – JAmes Brokenshire
  • Welsh Secretary – Alun Cairns
  • Scittish Secretary – David Mundell
  • Leader of the Commons – David Lidington
  • Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – Greg Clark
  • International Development – Priti Patel
  • Chief Whip – Gavin Williamson
  • Conservative Party chairman – Patrick McLoughlin
  • Leader of the House of Lords – Baroness Evans

Chris Grayling as head of the Transport Ministry which includes Shipping will be referred for his policy when same is know. Interesting days lay ahead as the TTIP will continue to bother all.

Europe’s reaction on some of Mrs. May’s appointments looks very childish. The French are a bit rude and this will receive, I am sure, the appropriate British response.

All in all the BREXIT hasn’t affected the markets and as a witness stands the fact of Wall Street’s all times high over and above the 18, 000 points.

Europe, unless some nations’ leaders come to terms with reality, might soon be a lost cause!

Finally, this interesting piece of more than important shipping, social and indeed geopolitcal news landed here from VesselsValue, worth not only reading and being aware of its content, but studying same in depth and see that if we do not guard properly Planet Ocean, how terrible things happen:

“Following the conviction this month of two men accused of smuggling three tonnes of cocaine into Scotland on a tug,  VesselsValue, offers the following valuation of the tug involved, the mv Hamal. The tug was built in the UK in 1979, and had passed through several hands before playing a central role in the smuggling ring. When the Royal Navy intercepted the ship 100 miles off the coast of Scotland in April 2015, they found 3.2 tonnes of high purity cocaine in the ballast tanks in the bottom of the vessel.

According to VesselsValue, the current market value of the mv Hamal is around USD 0.4 M assuming she is good condition. However, with the cargo, the value be approximately 1, 700 times higher at USD 677M.”

Have a nice evening!

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