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...clouds over the Straits of Bosporus, with it famous bridge linking Europe and Asia. Photo credit Anny Zade

…clouds over the Straits of Bosporus, with its famous bridge linking Europe and Asia. Photo credit Anny Zade


On the latest developments in Turkey with the “failed Coup”, John Faraclas comments:

Obviously one cannot call this a Coup d’état but definitely a Coup d’Erdogan. Magnificently written, organised and performed it was everything but a Coup!

As per normal practice, those who organise a coup, any coup word-wide – successful or not, simply go after for the heads of the Government, the establishment and the system, occupy the infrastructure (Electricity, Gas, Water, all TV and Radio Stations) and paralyse all means of intermodalism – Ports, Terminals, Airports, Rail and Bus stations, to name but a few immediate actions they all proceed with! Ah! There is a curfew too….!!!! Here, in this so called Coup by a fraction of Turkish Armed Forces, everything happened the other way around; you have to be a moron not to understand the message. The live coverage we have all seen on TV and live video clips and other social media coverage, even private messages and pics/shots in mobile phones, particularly all those of us who understand how Armed Forces operate, is an undisputed evidence which direct us in one conclusion: pity for all those who were sacrificed in order that Erdogan, his system, his islamists and his “for the time being backers” survive and go through in phase three. Wake Up. In our report last night we immediately parallelised Erdogan’s actions identical of those of Emperor Nero did in Rome; remember! We didn’t even bother to stay awake…

This operetta has all the characteristics of a “contained explosion” so to speak; you dead well know what I mean?

There will be soon the moment that his “backers” will sell Turkey and himself at a piecemeal; it is a matter of time. As all despots, he will take his turn in the queue, before being severely humiliated! You have seen what happened to Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and others of this like…

As always we are very much concerned with any development peaceful or otherwise in today’s Turkey, a totally unstable and unpredictable country in the region which, very recently, even as you read these lines, continues to blackmail Europe with its despicable staunch and policy with Migrants, which the Turkish regime of Tayip Erdogan sends to the Greek Islands, Greek Mainland, Bulgaria and Europe to destabilize and destroy the social cohesion, needless to mention the damage for Greece’s Tourism and Maritime Tourism!

The recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul Airport speaks alone and the American (USA’s) advice  or better say advance warning a couple of months ago to be cautious when visiting Turkey, rings the bell…

We are very much concerned as Turkish jets have this particular summer violate the Greek Airspace like never before; for 41 years they escalate an unprecedented provocative policy encouraged by their backers. We are now more concern with the news that the long-time mayor of Ankara Melih Gokcek admitted today that the pilot who downed the Russian SU-24 is a member of the rebels who “staged” the coup… Where are the international condemnations and the rest of actions the international community takes…? So why hide the story and what makes him announce same just like this now… Eh!!!!

We are very much concerned with the intentions of Turkey in Syria, in Northern Iraq and the Turkish policy with the Kurds!

We are very much concerned as the Straits of Bosporus is one of the most important commercial shipping passages in the world and can trigger other major conflagrations if same are closed for commercial navigation by any action involving Turkey. Russia under whatever regime will interfere and make it a mess. Remember how Lenin reacted during the Greek – Turkish War 1919-1922 and sided by Kemal, as otherwise if the Greeks had the straits he was going to be for a while isolated…

We are very much concerned and personally I have expressed my views last year in an interview… Study same and get the message… Moreover back in 2013 we had uploaded a warning together with a comment by the late RAdm (HN-rt) J.J.Theophanides…

We are very much concerned with the fate of the eight Turkish military who landed with a Turkish helicopter in Alexandroupolis Airport close to the Evros River border in north eastern Greece with Turkey…

Lastly, for the terrible record:  

  • according to the latest info nearly 3, 000 personnel from the Turkish Armed forces, including a few from the top echelon – the top brash, have been arrested.
  • 161 civilians and police are killed.
  • 104 suspected coup rebels had also been killed.
  • There is unconfirmed info for over 3, 000 injured.
  • More importantly 2, 745 Turkish judges have also been dismissed… this is a stain in Turkish Democracy! Amongst them Alparslan Alten!
  • Taking the people to the street tonight under the proviso to avoid possibly another coup makes Erdogan responsible of whatever one day will happen to Turkey.

It goes without saying that we all condemn any nation’s army interventions against any country’s democratically elected government, save the fact that in the case of Turkey and a few other nations, religion and “democracy” are alike a Siamese case – you dead well know what I mean. We will all stand though by any Mr. Erdogan who can guarantee a peaceful coexistance in Turkey of all, as same if not prevail, will damage the entire periphery from Beograd down to the Horn of Africa and from the Straits of Gibraltar in the west to Afghanistan in the East…

Have a nice evening.

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Αλεκος Παπαδόπουλος July 18, 2016 - 8:19 AM

Ωραιότατο χωρίς να σημαίνει τούτο ότι συμφωνώ με όλα τα γραφόμενα σου ότι παραιτούμαι του διαλόγου και της αντίστοιχης συζήτησης, που ασφαλώς δεν μπορεί να γίνει διαδικτυακά


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