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Capers’ hiccups and geopolitics mess

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

The Markets lose steam again as the Capers lose seven points clocking 1, 016 and the BDI at 748 look vulnerable yet again! The Turkish saga and Nice’s terrorists attack rule the day; John Faraclas’ daily market and geopolitics recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index)  was up just three points to 748 thanks to the dropping Capers!

The Panamaxes gained 11 points and now read 874; that’s very good given the summer period, which normally drags down this size more than others.

The Supras’ BSI was up just four points at 697 and the Handies’ BHSI three, now standing at 366.

So all in the upwards trend continued – the level maintained, but not so much steam as rumoured last week! Caution.

The Containers still down; another cautioned sector.

The Wets on an …upside down situ; the last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 612 (minus eight) and 442 (up seven) respectively; an uncertain market given the wider middle eastern despicable issues…

The price of WTI just above US$ 45 – as these lines are written. So long as the WTI remains below the US$ 50, situ can be contained to all intents and purposes…

Despite all the above the market is promising for those with available funds to proceed with bargain purchases!

On the Geopolitical front now:

The Migrants continue to be the number ONE issue; more continue to leave the Turkish coast of Anatolia for the Greek Islands and the onwards to Europe… despite the situ in Turkey, despite the deal (?)… More and more continue to make the risky crossing from Libya to Italy, Malta and now even Spain…

The Turkish failed Coup, no matter who organised same, will prove detrimental to all those trying to capitulate on its result; just wait and see. Somebody must teach and explained president Erdogan the meaning of K.I.S.S… The situation in Turkey and Turkey’s relations with partners or foes is more than strained! Caution, as we might see despicable things happening, hence we urge president Erdogan to learn and understand what K.I.S.S means. It is not just NATO feeling unease, its mainly neighbouring countries…

The Nice terrorist attack and the continuity in France of a state of emergency, which will now be extended for another three months, tells of an untold story soon to engulf us all if we don’t tackle the problem here and now with whatever means are necessary ! By the way: how do you view the fact that the French prime minister Mr. Valls was booed during the one minute silence event today? And how do you view former president Sharkozy’s remarks of loopholes in security…?

One good thing today:  in the British Parliament Mrs. May’s first major win 472 versus 117. The MPs have backed the renewal of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system! 140 Labour MPs voted for the Government! Excellent!

Excellent was also the “BREXIT: What next?” at a full house in the UK Chamber of Shipping! We will revert with a full write-up asap – hold your breath!

North Korea continues to escalate its provacatons; this time,  four hours ago, fired three ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan .. Oppps!!! Caution!

An update will follow… it’s a full moon tonight and we might learn and or hear more news…

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