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Transas joins NAMEPA to “Save our Seas”

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Frank Coles

Frank Coles

NAMEPA welcomes new member as the marine industry’s commitment to a sustainable marine environment continues to be at the forefront of discussion

July 18, 2016 – Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Co-Founder and Executive Director of North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) announced today that Transas has joined NAMEPA as a new member. Transas joins NAMEPA to support and participate with other marine industry organizations in our efforts to “Save Our Seas”.

“Transas is committed to safety at sea and marine environment protection and shows this desire to do so by taking action and joining NAMEPA”, stated NAMEPA’s Carleen Lyden-Kluss. “Our members are committed to the stewardship and protection of our seas through corporate social responsibility and public education about the marine industry and protecting the marine environment.”

Ms. Lyden-Kluss remarked, “Over the past nine years NAMEPA has welcomed highly respected marine industry organizations to our membership.  Our members share NAMEPA’s goals and efforts to create a stronger voice for marine environment protection through advocating, educating and activating communities on a global level.”

Frank Coles, Transas CEO, added, “Successful marine environmental protection can only be achieved through international cooperation. As a global company, Transas is taking action to put in place a framework for delivering integrated solutions aimed to provide a higher level of safety at sea and marine environment consciousness. Being a member of NAMEPA will give us an opportunity to voice our concerns to the global maritime community and contribute to protecting our oceans”.

Transas’ vision is to lead the way in creating an ecosystem of harmonised integrated solutions in safety, navigation and ship operations.  In creating these solutions Transas unites global maritime stakeholders in the future of e-Navigation and operations. True to its vision, Transas has introduced THESIS, the Transas Harmonised Eco System of Integrated Solutions. THESIS is a flexible data resource where Ship, Fleet Operations, Academy (simulation & training) and Ship Traffic Control can all be connected to the ecosystem, effectively a community working together on a cloud based shared data platform to enable smarter operations, safety and navigation. United into a single environment, navigation, simulation, vessel traffic, and fleet management systems become a decision support tool using the data provided by Transas software solutions. Transas operates more than 20 own regional offices and has a global network of partners around the world. Visit us at: http://transas.com/

“Save Our Seas” is the mission of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) which is an independent, marine industry-led entity that engages industry, regulators, environmental groups, educators and the public by promoting sound environmental practices. NAMEPA is a non-profit organization committed to preserving the marine environment through educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean resources.

Visit us at: www.namepa.net

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