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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

It seems that we are heading for both a low market as well as a dangerous geopolitics period which unfortunately will last for the foreseeable future; unless…;  John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost ten points today closing at 736 amid rumours of a break-up in the dry markets.

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost 49 points and now reads 937!!
  • The Panamaxes’ BPI lost seven, now reading 872;
  • The Supras’ BSI gained just two points (702) and
  • The Handies’ BHSI was up, surprise surprise: five  points (376).

Is this the beginning of another down fall, or a correction?

  • The Wets on  a plus / minus five points  respectively – the BDTI standing at 599 and the BCTI at 450 points

The price of WTI as these lines are written, is just below US$ 44….

Although we advise you to be on guard, at the same time those with available cash, go for a kill and acquire tonnage – we have stressed this over the last year: this is the best buyers’ market we have ever witnessed!

On the Geopolitical front, I guess the Security Council of the UN must take action on what is happening in Turkey, as there are more despicable things going to happen there destroying the entire region! This is a serious warning from the threat emanating from president Erdogan’s beliefs. In our humble view: you haven’t seen anything yet of what is yet to come! The pogroms will continue! He will make the region upside down; just wait and see…

The world wonders on the where abouts of 14 (fourteen) Turkish warships; where are they? Equally we hear of 42 (forty-two) helicopters missing; turkish special forces personnel are also on the run; what’s up then? The situation in the Aegean Sea and beyond will become explosive unless NATO forces headed by the US intervene!

In Europe there is now gradually a state of emergency following France’s extension on this issue and what happened in Belgium and Germany, to name but a few nations.  Islamists terrorist will proceed with ISIS wrath. Terrorism must be curbed here and now in Europe as we foresee a big mess and mass killings; there will be revenge too. Suicide bombers must be watched and contained.

It is 42 (forty-two) years since Turkish forces invaded Cyprus; time  for the Turkish army to go and let both communities live in peace. This is a thorn in the Greek, EU and US relations, particularly after the entry of Cyprus in the EU. The world has witnessed the behaviour of Turkey just recently and now as you read these lines with the blackmail behaviour over the Migrants issue. Time please!

The Israelis bombarded the Golan Heights as their security is threatened.

The ISIS war continues in Syria, Iraq, Libya and will erupt in other nations nearby widening the conflict in the Middle East, Back Sea and dragging Europe with the US and Russia to intervene with a more robust  presence and actions. It is even a bit late. In case the Western Alliance and Russia move in swiftly NOW, we might save the day.

Tourism and Maritime Tourism might suffer as a result of the situation prevailing!

Donald Trump makes waves, so does Mrs. Clinton; we shall see…

The BREXIT jargon will be interesting to watch; I am sure Mrs. May will do whatever necessary to come out as the big winner from all this! I have a hidden hope! I have done my risk assessment and it will be worth to wait to see the United Kingdom winning the argument! As for the Labour Party: … pity! The hot weather continues over here in the United Kingdom with record temperatures for the season…

In a nutshell expect a big mess in Europe – Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, needless to mention the Eastern EU nations that are in tatters! Germany and France too are in a bigger mess. So what went wrong?  (another 3W’s ) – the first one was Edwina Currie’s What Women Want…).

France admits that special forces operate in Libya and that one of its helicopters was shot down…

Still in Africa with the Migrants issue (the one we have on top of our agenda as the most important of all issues), 80, 000 have made it so far this year crossing from North Africa to Europe. Thanks to the heroic Italian Coast Guard  – which does whatever possible and above human imagination to save lives, in the same way Greece’s Coast Guard does in the Aegean!

In South America and in particular in Brazil Whatsapp returns to norm… We all hope the Olympics go well!

We need to see what president Putin has in mind as well as the Chinese, Indian and Japanese administrations on the above situation on Planet Ocean!

Anyway, let’s see who thrives in Chaos! Have a nice evening!

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