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Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Domestic garbage disposal procedure
Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
The Port of Fujairah has issued a reminder of procedures to be strictly while disposing domestic garbage.In its Notice to Mariners No.210 dated 27 July 2016, the port states that disposal of garbage from ships must be done according to MARPOL regulations. This applies to all ships regardless of size.

It is prohibited to discharge any garbage into sea inside the Special Area except food wastes when the ship is more than 12 nautical miles from the nearest land. This applies to all ships and offshore platforms regardless of size.

Domestic garbage must be properly packed in bags with tags indicating ship’s name, IMO Number, Agent Name and Date.

Domestic garbage for the purpose of disposal must exclude the following materials,
1. All types of batteries
2. Pyrotechnics materials
3. Medical wastes / expired drugs
4. Maintenance wastes (chipped paint, rust, etc.)
5. Incineration ash
6. Any water generated from the treatment process
7. Soot blowing from boiler/economizer
8. Grit blast material/waste
9. Holds & hatch wash
10. Expired distress signaling devices
11. Oily waste
12. Oil related products
13. Radiating materials & nuclear wastes
14. All types of noxious substances

Domestic Garbage Delivery Receipts will be issued by the Port of Fujairah on request for vessels calling Port of Fujairah. Green Peace Est. will issue Domestic Garbage Delivery Receipts to vessels calling at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage.

Domestic Garbage Collection Facility in Fujairah for ships calling at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage: Garbage collection facility is available in Fujairah for collecting and proper disposal of domestic garbage from vessels calling at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage.

Contact details of the facility
Facility name: Green Peace Est.
Telephone: +971-9-2281741
Fax: +971-9-2281742
Email: greenpeacefuj@gmail.com

Domestic garbage not properly packed with tags indicating ship’s name, IMO Number, agent name and date will be rejected by Green Peace Est.

For information about operations in Fujairah contact GA C Fujairah at Fujairah@gac.com

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