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BDI’s “controlled” fall @641…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

BDI’s “controlled” fall @641, but uncontrolable Geopolitics…

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost just four points earlier on today; the Geopolitics though with alarming Terrorism precautions are more than serious. John Faraclas’ midweek recap:

So the BDI@641 points look likely to settle between the 680 down to 580 points in the short term but it is unknown the long term projection, lower or higher. Everything is needed, everything is moving and nothing remains the same; try to interpret this ancient Greek maxim!

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 gained just one point – the only index with something on the plus side, and now reads 758 points. We all know how volatile the Capers are and they will continue to be given the market uncertainty leading to unsustainability; CAUTION!
  • The Panamaxes’ BPI continue its fall and now stands at 648 – minus ten points. Another alarming size, despite being our favourite one…
  • The Supras’ BSI and the Handies’ BHSI both lost three points and now read 660 and 397 respectively!

A falling dry market with incalculable repercussions with whatever this entails is a major headache for all stakeholders as the fall continues; tough times ahead unless we go above the 1,000 and then the 2,000 points threshold when things might become slightly better. But can we hope for these figures in the short or long term…? Remind you that a few billions of USDollars have been wiped out – not just off, from the stock markets and the listed companies indeed have problems, big or small – it doesn’t matter, they have. Non listed ones too have more problems…

We have the feeling that there’s going to be major and in depth investigation as to the advice given to all parties involved in what we also heard to be one of shipping history’s biggest scams! Who can take cover…? Can you imagine what’s gonne happen; we can feel the tsunami… particularly in the dry companies…

  • The Wets too had a milder fall; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost nine and three points respectively; they now read 523 and 459, tough….
  • The price of WTI, as these lines are written, is just above the US$ 40 – to be precise at US$ 40,87 – again strange things with Geopolitics as pressing and as unpredictable as ever!

Once again, despite the above and the Geopolitical chaos prevailing world wide, this is the best ever buyers’ market for second hand five-year old vessels acquisition and newbuildings – both resales, abandoned, “slipping” ones and brand new contracting. The Shipyards ards are your oyster, be the White Knight!

Geopolitics now:

The Migrants issue – the number one issue,  is raising now alarms not only from both sides in the Aegean Sea or in Central Med, but on both sides of the Channel! British and French Authorities are stepping up measures to avoid Migrants – amongst them terrorist land in the UK and also create further mess in the Continent. This is very serious given also the security measures in London! Imperatively all sea-lanes must be patrolled, given that among those crossing over to Europe from the Turkish Anatolian Coast and North Africa – particularly Libya, include members of ISIS. There are rumours that ISIS is behind many of these operations in smuggling Migrants to Europe; CAUTION!

The atrocities in Syria continue and I guess that the bloc with the most powerful means will come out “victorious” but with incalculable cost, both in human life as well as in money terms. Whatever, a period of extremism will prevail. Yesterday we mentioned in our Aristotelian Constructive Criticism style that what on earth we have all these paid Diplomats? Eh!

Next door in Turkey, things are getting worse; we wish to see Turkey return to real Law and Order as otherwise the damage will engulf and destroy too many values in our 2016 society and beyond!

Please read our yesterday’s recap on this and other issues.

ISIS must be defeated here and now. Prolonging its existence will create further mess worldwide. It is time the moron politicians together with their cronies (Businessmen) end this mess as it isn’t at the end of the day in their interests. This ISIS scam is going too far… Shame!

In Africa the Boko Haram, an ISIS affiliate terrorist organisation have a new leader; another bastard so to speak. We have to use this language to alert those responsible and the powerful ones to go and get them, finish them off!

The BREXIT continues to make waves in all fronts; although it is early days, the United Kingdom will be successful in the long run after this brave decision, which despite the wrong predictions – it was even 55-45 for the Bremain vote just before the final countdown… Again, the figures sum up nicely in this case with 1,6 billion in the Commonwealth and the good PR Business Export style of the Brits! As for Shipping, its Administrative capital, that is London will become more successful; just wait and see! Some years ago, I was confronting a few business shipping hooligans and told them, that despite ship financing coming from Germany and other European capitals there aren’t any Berlin-Greeks or Frankfurt-Greeks, but only London-Greeks for over 200 years! End of the story – and this despite a few hiccups… well documented by the writer… Meantime an extra 600 Police officers begun patrolling the British capital given that terrorist attacks are imminent… Caution!

It wouldn’t be long until the Greeks decide for their own GREXIT and forge a better and closer relationship with the Brits! After all Shipping is a Greco-British matter/issue to and for all intents and purposes. Just check it and you will see how right we are!

One firefighter died whilst tackling the blaze and only thirteen out of 300 passengers suffered minor injuries when an Emirates plane crash-landed at Dubai’s airport and caught fire. The plane was coming from southern Indian state of Kerala. Flights have been suspended but now resumed.

At the other side of the Atlantic, beginning from south, in Brazil with the Olympic Games about to start, besides what you read, the latest is that the accommodation of the newly inaugurated buildings for the foreign delegations were not ready and the Australians refused to occupy them, as well as the US delegation and some other nations. At last the mayor helped with some 500 extra workers to correct the problems! We hope all to go well there! The Olympic Torch finally arrived amid though demonstrations by locals given the severe economic and political crisis in Brazil; caution!

On the North of the Americas, in the USA the Clinton vs. Trump race is alredy producing unique cases every single minute. Already many Republicans are refusing to vote Mr. Trump… Whatever the result – we hope Mrs. Clinton wins, the super power must flex its muscles accordingly given the excess issues we are already burdened on Planet Ocean. Shipping, a part of Transport and Intermodalism needs a secure and safe environment to operate.

North Korea, as we have numerous times said, plays with fire. The latest double ballistic “nuclear” missile test,  one of which “landed” in Japan’s EEZ raises eyebrows and Prime Minister Abe, following coincidentally a government reshuffle, might react in an unprecedented way – you never ever know. Time for China to curb the appetite of its ally… Let’s hope the UN’s Security Council takes the appropriate measures, as any further escalation will be met with the well known from history Japanese counter

Have a nice evening and be on guard of what’s happening… 18:10 BST

Last update 23:55 BST

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