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Daily Wealth Letter from The Wealth Forums 3 Aug 2016

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Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Daily Wealth letter

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Compiled and edited by Ian Brodie of The Wealth Forums (www.thewealthforums.com)


Switzerland still a Safe Haven

The constantly evolving business environment forces entrepreneurs, investors and finance professionals to be especially careful in looking for new and better solutions to develop and protect their own businesses and the interests of their global clientele.   READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/03/switzerland-remains-safe-haven/

Meltdown at Belize Bank International

An offshore bank owned by a major donor to the UK’s governing Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft, has closed a large number of customer accounts and faced a wave of withdrawal requests after becoming increasingly caught up in a US tax-evasion crackdown.   READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/03/meltdown-belize-bank-international/

Indonesian police in global fraud probe

Indonesia’s National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) is set to trace evidence in Hong Kong and Switzerland in an investigation into alleged investment fraud involving Indonesian businessman Harun Abidin and investment company Cedrus Investment Ltd.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/03/indonesian-police-global-fraud-probe/


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