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Thanks to the Supras (and the Handies) the BDI “remained” buoyant…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained just one point since yesterday and now reads 683; it gained though 12 points since last week’s closing of 671. The Geopolitics though got far worse than envisaged even by the most pessimists… John Faraclas’ weekly recap:

  • The volatile Capers saw its BCI 2014 lose nine points since yesterday – now standing at 843; it also lost 48 points since last Friday’s 891 points; volatility at its best!
  • The Panamaxes remained the same with the BPI reading 727, but it was up 24 points since last week’s 703 points.
  • The Supras did it again gaining another nine points – now standing at 686 and 43 points  plus since last week’s 643 points!
  • The Handies’ BHSI gained five points and now stand at 412 – well above the 400 points threshold; up in the week too with 16 points from last Friday’s 396.

So, all in all an unsustainable dry market despite that bit of upward trend, so be on guard.

  • The Wets and the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) better than last week at 501 plus one and 461 minus one, but the overall gains were four and ten points respectively from last Friday’s 497 and 451 points.
  • The price of WTI as these lines are written was just above the US$ 48.07 and many questions arise of where the black gold stands and its future projections. Another difficult issue here! CAUTION!

On the geopolitical front now:

The MIGRANTS issue continues to worsen;  more and more are once again leaving the Turkish Anatolian Coast for the Greek Islands (mainly of Lesvos, Chios and Samos), as well as from the Libyan Coast mainly for Italy. In both cases, the traffickers are doing an “excellent” job bringing up the question: “What does the military do including the Coast Guard of all nations involved in prohibiting this mess ?”. Add the Turkish Blackmail and see what you get! On top of that, as we have numerous times stressed in our reporting, there isn’t any coherent MIGRANTS Policy whatsoever in the European Union – just hype! The USA and Russia, if they have any left humane understanding and feelings should also intervene! China hasn’t shown as yet any initiative whatsoever! Having Syrian refugees or MIGRANTS or whatever you can call them, entering one way or another in Europe is one thing, having Afghans, Pakistanis, Africans is yet, with all due respect, another. Changing and disrupting social cohesion in Europe will backfire to all, particularly to the architects of this policy – because all these happenings is a dirty plan!

The Syrian despicable saga and the super powers proxy war and interference there should end asap, otherwise it will become the graveyard of our society!

The Kurdish issue is now more than evident that progresses further and the Kurdish State soon will be a reality. End game for Turkey!

Turkey goes through a very well planned period by its president. Erdogan will fuel not just the Third, but the Fourth World War! The continuous push to get rid of all, repeat all of his opponents is more than dangerous for Turkey and the periphery…

We might also see a new and bigger Armenia; it’s on the chart!

Terrorists continue their despicable sins with the ISIS still creating havoc all over and not just in the battlefield within the Middle East frame! We need to tackle the terrorists with the appropriate policy, and that is only one: Zero Tolerance! Wonder what the “investigators” are doing: have they “found” where from the ISIS bastards buy their weaponry? Religious leaders from all “religious stakeholders” involved from both sides of the equation, must short this out, as from what we witness they are also involved under cover, the Islamists in particular!

Greece is in trouble and things will get worse and the Greek public MUST take action. The current regime favours its own cronies and takes revenge on many issues. For a start they don’t have the guts to finish off all the crooks and the business hooligans who for 41 years brought Greece beyond bankruptcy! The regime also tackles many cases from a political point, but one day when real justice happens, I wonder what should the punishment be!

The world economy is in a total mess – commodities are the big issue (pricing gets difficult); the financial world heads to a doom period. These issues greatly affect shipping and with the addition of the BREXIT saga, things will become more than messy. Having mentioned the BREXIT saga, do please note that when the BREXIT happens, after a while the United Kingdom and its economy will flourish!

Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Brazil will soon makes headlines, so watch the situ there as close as you can. The combatants in the USA presidential race are locked in a difficult situation. Wonder if any of them can deliver given the dangers looming within and outside the US!

The holiday period for the Northern hemisphere offers another month to enjoy before Autumn comes with plentiful of issues in the Geopolitical arena!

Have a nice weekend and BE ON GUARD for every unexpected eventuality!

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