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Manolis Vournous, The Mayor of Chios

Manolis Vournous, The Mayor of Chios

We have devoted many articles and interviews on Chios, the Greek Island in the Eastern Aegean Sea that today Rules the Waves, as well as we have reported on many events that Chiots – including the Oinoussians and people from Psara,  organise world-wide; today we were fortunate to interview live the Mayor of Chios Manolis Vournous at the Municipality office.

What triggered this interview was his speech last March at the London School of Economics Hellenic Observatory’s symposium under the theme: “Α tale of two crisis: A step into the future”, on the Migrants Crisis. Seating under the famous painting of Eugène Delacroix depicting the Massacre of Chios in 1822 by the Ottomans, he responded to John Faraclas’ three major questions. Anny Zade writes:

Chios today, The Migrants Crisis and the future of Chios were the main issues/questions that John Faraclas asked the mayor.

The first two can be heard on the first live video, whilst the third one in the second one which follows.

We look forward to our international viewers comments.

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