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BREXIT: one of the best ever decisions UK opted for…

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The Sqaure Mile under pressure

The Square Mile

With what happens lately in the European Union – not to mention all over Planet Ocean, the BREXIT vote was one of the best ever decisions* the people of the United Kingdom opted for; the most crucial one after World War II !

Economic factors, the MIGRANTS saga and Democratic implementation leading to sovereignty were the three leading factors that turned – and will turn upside down the European Union AND Planet Ocean! These three factors have immensely influenced the NO vote!

You don’t need to read more, just remember that justice has to be done and the BREXIT vote serves an important purpose for the survival of the United Kingdom. It rings the bell for other nations too to leave the European Union, which begun as a blessed European Economic Community, but looks that will end up in a mess if Brussels,  and Germany in particular,  doesn’t come to reality. The economic strangulation of Greece too will soon have explosive repercussions.

BREXIT is NOT the real issue, problem or whatever you like to call it; Rebooting the United Kingdom is the real case – and same will happen if this government lead by Mrs. May work meticulously on the BREXIT’s agenda – one things at a time!.

For us in the Shipping Industry, London, the Administrative Capital of Shipping and beyond will continue to call the shots; and that’s all about shipping! The Markets and Trade is what makes London lead the 1,6 billion peoples-bloc, the Commonwealth! The best and biggest market place and the nucleus of British success! Wake up!

* there are cheap and expensive decisions in life – an issue on which we will revert…

Listen to the video below and enjoy the rest of the evening and Notting Hill Carnival:

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maria dixonm August 30, 2016 - 12:12 PM

John, you forgot to mention the Latin-American Market ..it is there waiting to be discovered!


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