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Daily Wealth Letter from The Wealth Forums 30 Aug 2016

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Richard Moir, The Wealth Forums CEO

Richard Moir, The Wealth Forums CEO

Daily Wealth letter

a daily synopsis of the wealth news that’s most relevant, timely and dependable

Compiled and edited by Ian Brodie of The Wealth Forums (www.thewealthforums.com)


Apple must pay 13 million euros

Ireland should recover up to €13 billion from Apple in back taxes, the European Commission has ruled. After a three-year long investigation, it has concluded that the US firm’s tax benefits are illegal.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/30/apple-must-pay-13-billion-euros/

Most expensive tear-down

In 2008, Donald Trump sold a Palm Beach, Florida, estate for $95 million, making it the most expensive single residential property ever sold in town. Now the property is about to set another record – as Palm Beach’s most expensive tear-down.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/30/most-expensive-tear-down//

Scotland comes out on top

Scotland has experienced the biggest annual increase in household wealth in the UK, according to an in-depth report released by a major bank. Barclays’ Prosperity Map reveals that every region in Britain is more prosperous than last year and that Scotland saw the highest rise household wealth, increasing by 13 per cent compared with 12 per cent in London.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2016/08/30/scotland-comes-top/

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