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AAL’S unique semi-liner capability between Asia and the Red Sea…

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AAL 31082106AAL’S unique semi-liner capability between Asia and the Red Sea, delivers solution for Siemens’ Egyptian Megaproject

August 2016 – Modules for a state of the art heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and destined for the Beni Suef power plant in Egypt, are loaded aboard the AAL Dalian in South Korea. Commissioned by global logistics provider the LPL Group, this is the first of a series of cargo shipments that AAL will undertake between Asia and the Red Sea for the Siemen’s Megaproject in Egypt – a project that includes the development of three 4.8 gigawatt turnkey combined power plants in Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital.

Namir Khanbabi, Managing Director of AAL’s Tramp & Projects Division, explained, ‘This is an incredibly important project for Siemens and indeed Egypt – one that will boost power generation capacity for the country by 50 percent, to 16.4 gigawatts. Accordingly, we are providing Siemens with a comprehensive and dedicated solution that involves four of our owned 31,000dwt A-Class vessels being deployed between Asia and the Red Sea.’

‘The commitment of this best-in-class tonnage provides Siemens with the guaranteed capacity, bi-monthly schedule integrity and port call flexibility it needs to meet its logistics and time objectives.  It also gives our other multipurpose and heavy lift customers around the world a regular and highly flexible semi-liner service: Asia – Red Sea – Asia.’

AAL’s ‘ASIA – RED SEA – ASIA Semi-Liner Service’ strengthens the operator’s growing tramp and projects capabilities between the Middle East and the region’s key trade partners. AAL already operates ‘EU – ME – ASIA’ and ‘GULF – ASIA’ Semi-Liner Services. These services harness the world’s youngest mpp fleet – 7 classes of flexible multipurpose tonnage, designed to safely and efficiently load and transport heavy lift project and breakbulk cargo, alongside dry bulk.

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