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BDI@745: One size doesn’t fit all

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Despite the BDI’s 21 plus points since yesterday – thanks to the Capers, the rest of the dry and wet markets –  to a certain extent, were falling and Geopolitical uncertainty might bring a May Day soon; John Faraclas’ daily Recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended the day earlier on at 745 points – that’s 21 points up since yesterday, thanks to the as ever volatile Capers and its respective BCI 2014 which gained 103 points since yesterday, more than 75 centum up since yesterday standing now at 1,182 points!

The Panamaxes and its respective BPI index was up just one point at 641 proving that there is no steam at all there!

The Supras were down four points with the BSI reading 714;

The Handies and the respective BHSI was also down three points at 434.

All in all a falling dry market and one shouldn’t think that because the BCI 2014 gained 103 points tomorrow or the day after tomorrow all the other indices will follow suit; nothing spectacular is going to happen.

The Wets too without steam; the BDTI (Dirties) and the BCTI (Cleans) ended up one point plus at 517 and minus three at 424 respectively. No strength here at all! CAUTION to all fronts!

The WTI as you read these lines stands at US$ 44,82 which is a dollar down since yesterday! Caution!

The Hanjin saga, a despicable one will shake shipping to its foundations. All those responsible must seat on the dock! In the meantime the Government of South Korea might contribute up to six billion dollars to assist its shipyards and shipowners; caution for all sides!

The Container trade is a good one but for the very few!

There are more bankruptcies coming up, so many will become familiar with catastrophe!

News is what they don’t tell the public and shipping is a field that no one should pay attention to many voices and experts: they all have spectacularly failed!

In the geopolitical front the mess continues with the MIGRANTS governing the day’s events in all fronts: More MIGRANTS cross over to Europe from Turkey and North Africa ! Pathetic situation  as president Erdogan continues his blackmail against not only Europe but to more countries…and North Africa, particularly Libya is in a total mess!

The Syrian war makes it even worse, not just for the MIGRANTS but for the regional peace… Turkey plays with fire, but not for long; the end is nigh!

The G20 summit tries to redefine itself with the United Kingdom and its BREXIT issue to the fore including the number one issue – that of the MIGRANTS and immigration yet again, the summit goes on. Many interesting pictures made headlines today including that of presidents Obama and Putin ready to have a go on the ring; pity for both and humanity!

The UK will survive though as, if it uses appropriately the tool called Commonwealth and arrange appropriate bilateral agreements with others including European Nations, things can be plain sailing for its economy and the wellbeing of its people. BREXIT means BREXIT! You might see the United Kingdom amongst the world’s three leading economies – like with the latest Rio Olympic Games – who would have ever thought of this British sports success? Eh! Meantime how despicable from all points of view was to have the activists in a dinghy storming City Airport? Law and Order please as well as Risk Assessment in all fronts. Imagine if the were terrorists?

Greece soon will be in a mess. Let’s hope a ray of hope comes from the ATHEX and suggest you don’t miss its 11th London Road Show 20-22 September. Only via the Athens Exchange the Greek economy can be revived no matter who is in power – best though these lefty morons go home! The Centre-right though must abandon the politics of the past, as otherwise it will become a dirty right break (parenthesis in Greek.)  A GREXIT can work miracles as the EU partners called a double fast one on Greece, one with lending money for 41 years and one with the Migrants and being “good” with Turkey – what really makes Europe being afraid of Turkey? Shame!

Will eagerly wait for tomorrow whilst attending the ICS International Shipping Conference to hear the experts on all shipping issues, then look forward for the Capital Link Event in New York next Tuesday and the first ever Malta Maritime summit in early October!  Check for these events as they are very useful for all.

Have a nice evening!

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