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The biggest cruise sailing ship “Club Med 2” at Chios port

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The "Club Med 2" entering the Port of Chios

The “Club Med 2” entering the Port of Chios

Here we go again with yet another excellent video by Konstantinos Milt. Anagnostou. This time our viewers world-wide can enjoy Maritime Tourism at its best!

The Club Med 2 visit in the Port of Chios yesterday attracted hundreds of faithful on the quay-side to admire the biggest cruise sailing boat on Planet Ocean; enjoy the video.

Make Chios your destination in any way you can; challenge history and in particular maritime history and get the tranquillity you miss as you work in Planet Ocean’s biggest metropolises.

Visit the Metropolis of World Shipping and have the time of your life! Visit the unique Mansions in Cambos, just of the capital; the Mastiha Museum; the famous Monastery of Nea Moni with the unique mosaics. Dive in the deep waters of Nagos, Yioassonas and Mayemena. Try the south with Fana, Emporios and the sandy beach at Lithi.

Visit Vrontados and the sanctuary of goddess Kiveli where Homer delivered his unique speeches!

Sail in the eastern Aegean’s most powerful Greek Island controlling 5 centum of the world’s ocean going fleet! Meet the masters of the seven oceans and see why seamanship is the most powerful tool for shipping business success!

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