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Evergreen Receives Environmental Protection Award from Los Angeles

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Evergreen Line has been honored with an environmental protection award by the Port Authority of Los Angeles.  The award has been conferred in recognition of the carrier’s excellent performance in the 2015 Vessel Speed Reduction Program initiated by the largest port in North America.

The program rewards vessel operators’ compliance with a policy of reducing vessel speeds to 12 knots or less within 40 nautical miles of Point Fermin (near the entrance to the Los Angeles harbor). The aim is to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and thus reduce their influence on air quality in the port community.

In 2015 Evergreen Line’s vessel fleet called 138 times at the port of Los Angeles. The carrier’s voluntary effort to reduce speed is estimated to have lowered emissions by : 4,657 tonnes of CO2; 156 tonnes of NOx; 87 tonnes of SOx and 8 tonnes of particulate matter.

Evergreen Line is committed to safeguarding the environment of marine ecosystem and of port communities within which it operates.  Over the years, the carrier has worked with government agencies, scientific research institutes, cargo owners and relevant parties in the supply chain on various environmental protection programs. Furthermore, Evergreen has incorporated this philosophy into its fleet renewal programs by adopting the latest shipbuilding technologies to build an eco-friendly fleet and to achieve sustainable transportation service provision


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