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New salary benchmarking for seafarers

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Spinnaker Global logo oneSince 2005, Spinnaker Global’s HR Consulting division has been collecting and analysing salary data for shore-based roles in the global maritime industry. In 2017 they will be launching salary surveys for seafarers.

This initiative has been driven by demand from members of the Maritime HR Association who already benchmark compensation data for their shore-based roles. While members are aware through Maritime HR Association data analysis what they should be paying superintendents, operations, chartering and newbuilding staff, HR Consulting also wants to ensure that reliable benchmarking is available for seagoing personnel.

Spinnaker’s reputation as a trusted third party when it comes to securely managing confidential data is something we’re extremely proud of,” says Amanda James of Spinnaker’s HR Consulting division, “and it’s paramount in this new project too, where we will provide ship owners with industry benchmarks that enable them to attract and retain staff and pay them competitively, while giving their boards the assurance that they are controlling costs.”


Spinnaker Global are currently gathering participants for this new initiative.

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