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ICS Pilotage, Towing and Mooring Survey 2016 now underway!

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John Murray

John Murray

The role of the pilot in mitigating the potential economic and environmental risk from today’s large vessels is one of the most important in maritime safety. In recognition of this, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has embarked upon its first comprehensive survey of pilotage, towing and mooring services provided in ports and terminals around the world.

The aim of the ICS Pilotage, Towing and Mooring Survey is to evaluate the extent to which established best practice is being followed, such as that recommended by the latest ICS Bridge Procedures Guide.  Masters and Bridge Teams are being encouraged by ICS to highlight examples of good practice which make particularly valuable contributions to safety, environmental protection and the efficiency of ship operations.  The survey also provides an opportunity to suggest any locations where existing practices may be of concern.

John Murray, ICS Marine Director explains: “Our aim is to establish an objective view of pilotage and related services worldwide, which will then inform our work on further enhancing application of existing industry best practice. The balanced feedback from the survey will provide invaluable assistance with our goal of continuous improvement.”

The ICS Pilotage, Towing and Mooring Survey is being distributed via ICS member national shipowner associations to ship operators worldwide and will be available online until 16 October 2016. The survey is anonymous to encourage the widest possible participation, and covers a range of topics including the availability of pilot exemption certificates, conduct of pilotage and familiarity with electronic navigation aids, towage and mooring services, as well as any incidents or near misses.

Bridge Procedure Guide

Bridge Procedure Guide

The survey can also be accessed via


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