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Thought for Food!

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Bodossakis Foundation Thought for Food 10102016Following our last update on 22nd of September, things at the Bodossaki Foundation have been progressing. Faced with multiple challenges emerging from the economic, financial and social crisis, such as unemployment, which is currently at 26% and 50% among youth, the Foundation felt that it was critical to support local communities in innovative ways and to create the necessary conditions for Greece’s long-term recovery; they have done so!

With this is mind, they have just launched their latest initiative called “Thought for Food” that supports farmers, small businesses and cooperatives, living in different regions in Greece and active in the production of flagship Greek products such as olives, honey, fruit and vegetables, aromatic plants and husbandry. The program involves providing education, training and cutting-edge biotechnological research to strengthen the aforementioned sectors at all stages, from production to processing, exporting and marketing. One can learn more about the Bodossaki Foundation efforts by reading the attached material and watching this video. The video is with subtitles in English!


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