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BDI’s four digit and geopolitical uncertainty to be watched…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI “makes waves” at 1,045 at the end of a turbulent week which will, geopolitically, change the route of history; John Faraclas brief weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed up 71 points surpassing for the first time this year the 1,000 point mark reaching 1,045 points – something not seen for the last 14 months; it was also up 190 points since last Friday the 4th of November when it stood at 855 points… Still we reiterate the view to be cautious as volatility will continue to be the name of the game for the foreseeable future!

The Capers’ BCI 2014 gained 293 points now standing at 2,303, which is also 710 points plus from last week’s closing at 1,593 points, an unimaginable difference…

The Panamaxes were also on the plus and the BPI clinched 55 points ending the day/week at 1,011, over and above the 1,000 point threshold and 126 points plus since last week’s 885 points. We still feel these figures both for the Capers and Panamaxes are the result of volatility, despite the optimism from all sectors in the industry.

Not so rosy situ for the Supras and Handies though; the Supras’ BSI although it gained two points closing at 705, it lost 11 points since last week’s 716 and the BHSI, the Handies’ lost two and five respectively standing at 428 today, down since last week’s 433..

The Wets had a better week overall; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 744 (plus 62) and 391 minus three. On a weekly basis the Dirties gained 77 points since last week’s 667 points and the Cleans lost another three points from 394… dodgy times…

The WTI stood just below the US$ 44 – to be precise US$ 43,95 . That’s another dollar down from last week… Caution on and for both sides of the equation…

On the Geopolitical front now:

Still the MIGRANTS issue has even surpassed the USA’s election importance as it is the number one issue also for president-elect Trump.

The USA election as said has been won by Donald Trump bringing a change of …guards from the Democrats’ eight years to the Republicans and over the last 48 hours Planet Ocean is in real limbo. Despite Trumps rhetoric which might obviously change, still the middleman in the street eagerly awaits to see how Trump is placed and how in practice will respond to his pre-election manifesto and promises.  Mrs. Clinton has only to blame herself, despite the fact that she was unfairly battered by the FBI in what we described and criticised as grossly unfair. The FBI with all due respect should have made any concerns prior to the announcement of her candidacy.-

Back to the MIGRANTS where Europe is facing the Turkish Blackmail and a possible cancellation of the agreement reached for the MIGRANTS. Meantime the MIGRANTS influx continues both from North Africa and Anatolia to Italy and the Greek Aegean Islands respectively. Many hotspots go on fire in the full essence of the meaning. Shame!

Turkey must stop violating the Greek and conversely the European Air Space and territorial waters; if this continues expect an unprecedented counter reaction by Greece, its Armed forces and the entire Greek public worldwide.

In Greece things might get sour as what is missing is transparency, the same transparency which is missing for nearly just over four decades! Reforms must move faster than now; Greek reforms must accelerate. We reiterate the view for the need of an Aristos government for term of ten years. Then you can have respective elections following the country’s streamline process and lean towards development… We will eagerly await the results from the forthcoming Obama visit… The 14th of November has arrived…

The BREXIT saga equally, like the Greek process is a long way to go and everybody is concerned what is going finally to happen. The peoples wish though following the June’s Referendum should be fully respected! Expect odd things to surface… the World though must be reminded that the British commonwealth numbers 1,6 billion people and trade will flourish; add the bilateral agreements in the pipeline and see what happens…

The Syrian saga will surprise us all; a black and shameful page in the book of modern history and humanity. SHAME! The situation might become ten times worse for the region and its wider periphery and we adhere to this view!

Putin’s Russia is not going to give an inch in Syria or on the Ukrainian issue and expect explosive Russian reactions all over the world.

The Chinese economy will be of a major concern soon.

Africa is to be watched in many ways… proxy economic and trade wars are coming up due to the superpowers’ conflict of business interests…

The Shipyards issue social impact will also create messy situations in China and South Korea – elsewhere too… Colossal losses!

The Energy and Environmental issues too are going to affect us greatly until the end of the year and all through 2025!

Elsewhere the world is in a dire straits situ.

In a nutshell, as we have written in the past we are in the 500 years end of a cycle +/- 50 years with Universal changes and Risk assessment is a must, otherwise it will be unwise to blame others and not ourselves for not doing the appropriate Risk Assessment in all front!

What a great event the Union of Greek Shipowners’ Centennial that was at the Athens Concert Hall last Wednesday sending multiple of messages all over Planet Ocean. A well-attended event honouring the Masters of the Seven Seas; who wasn’t there! It was one of the most unique and memorable events ever witnessed!

Equally a more than unique World Travel Market in London’s ExCel exhibition Centre, “offering” a glimpse of hope for the Tourist Industry – we are sure you enjoy reading our unique articles… seeing the loggings make the favourable big difference, a happy one for allaboutshipping .co.uk!

Still to come… next week; the BHCC annual event at Lloyd’s of London where we eagerly await to hear international speakers of ultra-high calibre on the Greek saga; an event not to be missed!

The Grammenos’ Brigade 8th City of London Biennial meeting 2016 under the title “Striving for Stability in a Highly Uncertain World” is coming up on the 17 and 18 of November at the IMO…

It’s been 98 years from the 11th of November 1918 with the Armistice signed and the Remembrance Sunday coming in less than 48 hours this Sunday a time for reflection and to create, if possible Peace!  Wonder what world leaders really think for!

Coincidentally, on the Island of Chios the 104th Anniversary of the island’s liberation from the Ottoman Yoke was celebrated today, sending the message, not only to the other side of the Aegean, but beyond!

Viewers can log on and see in the UPCOMING events what is coming up…

The forthcoming supermoon on Monday the 14th of November for sure will alter a lot of things; understanding scientific astrology and its phenomena is a charisma…  It is the time when the gap between the Earth and the Moon closed to its shortest point, known as the perigee (another Greek word eh!)- is a distance of 221,525 miles. It is 68 years since this phenomenon happened (1948).  The next similar approach will happen in 2034; it is like the Greek Orthodox Easter with that of the Latins: Firstly, in 2034 the Easter of these two Christian denominations will coincide, on the 9th of April, 2034,  Secondly, within this 21st century, there will be 31 times that Easter will coincide, but after 2,099 the same date will occur after 801 years in 2900! That’s knowing Moonology and how same affects many events, be it religious, political, natural, business, social and many many others!

Have a nice weekend and find some time to reflect of what is happening around you affecting shipping in its entirety!

N.B. For technical reasons yesterday’s report hasn’t appeared. |we will rectify the problem and will advise you. For your info though the market report and its respective indices has as follows: 

BDI 974 up 20 points, BCI 2014 2010 up 56, BPI 956 up 29, BSI 703 no change, BHSI 430 up one). BDTI 682 up 21 and BDTI 394 down four.

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