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8th Maritime Employee Survey reveals confidence in shipping industry jobs at an all-time low

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Heidi Heseltine

Heidi Heseltine

More shore-based employees in the shipping industry are concerned with their job security than ever before according to research conducted by leading international maritime jobs specialist Halcyon Recruitment and online training provider Coracle.

The 8th Maritime Employee Survey published today (15 November), based on nearly 3,000 responses, found that 63% of participants were concerned about their jobs and that more expected to change jobs in the next 12 months than ever before. Responses were drawn from all the key maritime centres and included respondents representing all the major trades working in both commercial and operational roles.

Commenting on the results, Halcyon Recruitment Chief Executive Officer, Heidi Heseltine, said:

“The results this year are unlikely to surprise most, as shipping markets have been, and continue to be, depressed. Save for some short-term improvements, there is no evidence to suggest any notable change on the horizon in the next 12 months. With a severe lack of promotion and advancement opportunities, morale is low and one of the leading reasons for dissatisfaction among employees in their current role.”

Looking specifically at the potential impact of the UK leaving the European Union, Heidi went on to report:

“With the impact of Brexit still remaining to be seen our participants found that no positives could arise from Brexit. The results revealed that respondents perceive the biggest negative as being the impact of business tariffs on trade between the UK and EU, followed by the potential of employers relocating their business.”

Other key conclusions from the report include:

  • 37% of respondents are considering a job change within the next year, and a further 25% within two years;
  • 38 % of respondents have received a salary increase and 49% have received a bonus in the last 12 months (both significantly down from 2015);
  • 69% of respondents are happy with the bonus they received this year, which has increased from 63% in 2015;
  • Those working in the technical/health and safety markets are faring best with 53% receiving a salary increase and 60% a bonus;
  • The tanker segment is one of the more positive markets with 56% receiving a bonus and 42% a pay increase;
  • 80% of respondents will go to specialist maritime recruiters when considering a job change before considering other avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • The relationships that individuals have with their line managers is the area employees are most content with, with 49% respondents putting this first.

Viewers can  click here to access the full 26-page report.

Halcyon Recruitment
Specialists in providing tailored recruitment solutions to the international shore based maritime and shipping communities. Established in 2005, with offices in London, Southampton and Singapore, Halcyon’s consultancy and senior management team has extensive prior experience on the front line of the industry spanning vessel operations, broking, engineering, human resource management, quality assurance, industrial relations, maritime software and seafarer training and development.


Coracle is a Cambridge based e-learning specialist. Its heritage is borne from the maritime industry, where it has been supporting thousands of learners in over 70 countries since 2006. Coracle produce award-winning e-learning, delivered via their innovative multi-lingual Learning Line platform and Apps, enabling organisations to reduce cost and increase insight from induction, compliance and CPD (continuous professional development) training.

The platform, featured by the BBC in their article “Reaching the ships’ crews cut off from learning” (bit.ly/coraclebbc) enables subject matter experts, HR and other stakeholders to manage the learning process, to analyse the effectiveness of training programmes and to make decisions based on realtime data.


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