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EMRI to deliver steering control systems for Maersk Line Triple E container ships

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Claus Nørtoft Thomsen, CEO of EMRI

Claus Nørtoft Thomsen, CEO of EMRI

Herlev, November 15, 2016 EMRI is to deliver the steering control system to the second generation of the Triple E ship series from Maersk Line with a capacity of about 19,000 TEU. Claus Nørtoft Thomsen, CEO of EMRI, says:

“This is a large order, but having been in business for more than 40 years, and with focus on quality and reliability, Maersk Line is getting a steering system that fully complies with their requirements for high quality and long service duration”

More than half way there
      EMRI was chosen by Maersk Line because of the quality of their products and because of the long-term relationship with the Danish company. EMRI has delivered multiple systems to Maersk Line ships in the past, and with 20 systems delivered to the first Triple E series from Maersk, EMRI has obtained a contract of another 11 systems for the second-generation series, all of them being built at Daewoo shipyard in Korea. Furthermore, an order for steering control to 7 smaller Maersk Line feeder vessels built at COSCO shipyard in China with a capacity of 3,600 TEU.

Future deliveries
      EMRI was also chosen for Maersk Line’s 9 container ships with a TEU capacity of 14,000 (Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea). A testimony to the quality of EMRI’s steering control system.

EMRI – Electronic & Marine Research Industries:
EMRI is a Danish company that was founded in 1972. They were the first to use analogue steering/rudder control systems, which improved steering performances substantially. For more than 40 years, EMRI has delivered autopilots, joystick/DP systems, complete steering control systems, among others, to all types of ships in the maritime industry.

For information about this topic, please visit www.EMRI.dk or contact Victor Jensen at vjj@emri.dk

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