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Sea Trophy, a more than an interesting concept!

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There is a World to win...!

There is a World to win…!

Viewers can read the latest from Van Heck Engineering and be kept updated on their Sea Trophy, green and easy oil recovery.

Attached is the respective brochure* showing the specifications and applications of the Sea Trophy.

The company’s technical knowhow is bundled into this handy little pump. The quick and clean removal of (fuel-) oil in emergencies at sea, quayside or on land are well within the Sea Trophy’s capabilities, making the Sea Trophy unique.

Actually every self-respecting ship should have this “trophy” on board.

The Sea Trophy is  available for both sale and rental.

When oil is unintendedly spilt, when incorrect fuelling takes place, there are losses on all sides. Therefore Van Heck encapsulates its innovation with the slogan “There is a world to win”.

The Sea Trophy can limit or even eliminate economic and environmental damage and conserve company image should the unthinkable occur.

The Sea Trophy is invaluable for everyone involved, from ship owners to salvors, coastguards to emergency responders, oil companies to insurance brokers, and last but not least,  the fragile sea and the life within it.

Visit the website www.seatrophy.com which has even more to offer, such as a film demonstrating the Sea Trophy “at work”.

*  ST Corporate Brochure

Should you wish to receive more information or request a meeting in person, please do not hesitate to contact them at Van Heck Engineering:

T:  +31 (0) 561 431 739

  E  j.venema@vanheckgroup.com

www.vanheckgroup.com ▪ www.seatrophy.com

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