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Order your books without shipping costs!

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GEOMARES LOGO 05012016Happy New Year! 

Order your books without shipping costs!

To celebrate the New Year you can order all our books without shipping costs. Until  31 January 2017 the postage for your books is free.

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NEW: Voyage Planning With ECDIS, A Practical Guide for NavigatorsAuthor: Ralph Becker-Heins
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-825818-0-5
Publisher: Geomares Publishing
Pages: 192
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €44 (excl. VAT if applicable)
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The Electronic ChartAuthor: Horst Hecht, Bernhard Berking, Mathias Jonas, Lee Alexander
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806205-8-2
Publisher: Geomares Publishing
Pages: 378
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €59  (excl. VAT if applicable)
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Higher Ground Author: Shunji Murai
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806205-0-6
Publisher: Geomares Publishing
Pages: 197
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €21.90  (excl. VAT if applicable)
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