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The BDI’s 9 to 5; the geopolitics worsening…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Another volatile beginning of yet another week as the BDI continues its volatile modus and geopolitics are about to create global chaos in all fronts; John Faraclas’ daily report:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained fifteen points since last Friday the 13th of January and now reads 925 – it is a full time job beyond the norm 9 to 5… humour never dies…

The Capers were up 85 points with the BCI 2014 standing at 1,468 points; caution, despite the plus points.

The Panamaxes BPI, after enjoying a plus time lost three points and now stands at 1,039 – inevitably given the four points plus clinched last Friday …leading the way to the eventual fall today…

Supras’ BSI down six points at 733 and Handies’ BHSI down four at 455.

Once again we maintain the view that one size CANNOT dictate neither a good nor a bad market… not the market as some are trying to impose positions AND also cannot create a market.

The Wets with mixed figures; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,027, that’s plus three and 684, that’s minus 23 respectively…

The Box trade remains down and out; it will take time to see a buoyant market!

The WTI stood just before midnight at US$ 52,60, down half a dollar more or less from last Friday’s closing…

All in all a very difficult market lies ahead in all sectors; the market for the very very few. A market which remains high and dry. A market, in particular the Dry one being 1,300 points below that of January 2013!! We have warned you and have many times referred to this point!

The Geopolitical front maintains its alarming levels as:

For a start, the MIGRANTS issue in its entirety shakes Europe to its foundations!

The Syrian rebels might seat down with their opponents (government forces and possibly others) in Astana for “Peace” talks… Long way to go.

ISIS still creates troubles in the region; smash ISIS. Good to see that the Turkish security forces have arrested the person who most probably did the atrocities at Reina Restaurant/Club on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, killing 39 and injuring 69 innocent people!

The Wars though continue in Syria and Iraq and the carnage there is despicable.

The Yemen conflict, a very dangerous one that can also affect shipping, if not properly tackled, claims 10,000 victims…

Israelis and Palestinians continue “trapped” in a deadlock. Wonder who has the guts to impose peace there. For sure somebody must and is capable of doing so, but still doesn’t interferes as it should! Pity. No excuse from both sides; fairs fair.

Turkey continues to pester its neighbours and in particular Greece; today there have been 31 (thirty-one) violations of Greece’s and Europe’s Air space! Enough or else… the clash might be very near. For a start, Europe is double faced on the issue; the USA too! Russians follow suit!

Greece itself due to the strangulation by its European Union partners headed by Germany might become a liability for all… GREXIT please whilst you can… Abandon every thought for elections; only a team of Aristos can run and rule the country; NOT the current politicians and the existing electoral system. A proportional representation and a British-style electoral system can do the trick, but NOT now.

BREXIT makes waves and we will soon (tomorrow) hear Mrs. May’s points. Whatever, at the end of the day, BREXIT will become the best thing that ever happened to the United Kingdom and its subjetcs! It is Europe who has the problem. Messy Europe as you never ever imagined! The British will soon call the shots and there will be an attraction, not a fatal one, bringing more business in the Square Mile and beyond. As for the shipping world, it will be, all in all, a far better place! Tomorrow’s the Day of Reckoning, BREXIT begins!

Whatever happened to the Cyprus talks?

In the USA the sworn-in ceremony approaches. All on Planet Ocean wonder what is gone to happen. The Obamacare will become a Trumpcare for all; let’s see what aces he has in his sleeve… Let’s see as the time of reckoning approaches.

Is Donald Trump playing with fire over Taiwan with the Chinese? What is the plan of Xi Jinping and what he will try to achieve in Davos?

What’s going on between the Germans and Donald Trump? Is it really a car-making story issue or what…?

Is China going to spend US$ 26 billion for a Box-dominated-Silk Road / Rail dominated in Central Asia to counter container-shipping trade? Is this a defence measure, precautiously taken in case we have issues in the world’s four dire straits affecting Chinese cargoes to Europe?

Is sea-trade, in case of this a defence trade move in case we have issues in the world’s four dire straits affecting same?

Another carnage in Mexico at the BPM Music Festival…five dead. Shame!

Ian Webber delivering his slides speech

Ian Webber delivering his slides speech

Finally we had a great afternoon earlier on at the IMIF’s Norton Rose Fulbright LLP first of the year event with Ian Webber, the CEO of Global Ship Lease Inc., on “Whither Container Shipping?” Can GSL expand? A great presentation attracting ten powerful questions from nearly forty delegates representing almost all stakeholders! We will revert soon with a full coverage/account!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality!



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