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Capers alone cannot save the Markets, BREXIT shakes the World

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The Capers volatility will remain and bold cautiousness is a must; BREXIT shakes the World in its foundations, not just Europe’s. John Faraclas midweek briefing:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed today at 952 points – that’s 30 points plus since yesterday, thanks, once again to the ever volatile Capers.

The BCI 2014 index gained 164 points and now stands at 1,673; we advise ultra-caution… Once again, volatility at its best!

The Panamaxes BPI lost 21 points and fell below the 1,000 threshold at 998 points.

The Supras’ BSI down five at 725 points…

The Handies’ BHSI also lost, but only three points and now reads 448…

For a sustainable market we need to see the BDI at 2,500  points– this is the figure for a sustainable breakeven; equally, the Wets(see the next para), BDTI and BCTI must go over and above the 1,500 and 1,200 points respectively – at least!

The Wets fall was considerable given that at this time of the year and following analysts projections ,nothing like that was feasible; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost 17 and 18 points and now stand at 1,001 and 642 respectively… Tough!

Pleased to see WTI falling close to US$51,13 – that’s good for the squeezed middle-classes now in crisis all over Planet Ocean…

The container trade and its very specialist but delicate market unless streamlined, it’s a 100 centum loss. This is a very personal assessment as you don’t buy with the money of a limousine a golf-cart…, eh!

Geopolitics, as we expected, are dominated by the BREXIT and Mrs. May’s super speech; the best ever straightforward account we have recently heard from a politician all over Planet Ocean! All media are overwhelmed by her BREXIT approach and eventually of its consequences. Hard or Soft, Fast or Slow, if it is fully and appropriately implemented will change completely the World’s landscape Economic and Social Politics. Shipping will be benefited one way or another as in my humble view there isn’t really anything to worry about – you can always deal with tariffs and quotas…

The MIGRANTS issue remain though the number one problem and must be curbed.

Syria and Iraq continue to be in more mess. The ISIS still at large and with ease. Smash them asap or except spill-overs; just pin them down here and now. I know it is difficult due to the religious element and way of life as well as ethics there, but…

Russia and Turkey are in a very odd relationship which I believe it won’t last – very strange bedfellows with nothing really in common except populist domination of the masses and the region. Take religion for example; take business patterns; their economy; the situation in both nations. Add the fact that everybody hates them in their respective regions. The past too wasn’t rosy either; remember the Russian-Turkish Wars?  Wait a bit and you will see… Meantime the Istanbul Reina nightclub attack suspect captured named as Abdulkadir Masharipov is believed to have killed 39 people and injured 69 people surfaces too many issues. This was the 28th terrorists attack in Turkey in a space of 18 months. We hope his arrest will lead to the arrest of others there and in other nations, from whom we are all targeted and this is the dreadful practice of ISIS, hence we insist that we must smash them asap!

The Davos World Economic Forum is in full swing but expect nothing constructive to further the awful financial global situation and appalling life-style. The Global recession is here to stay; war father of all…?

Let’s see how the Greek saga is being tackled in Davos, as within Greece the  problems are mounting. This current administrations’ only purpose, as same is being impartially judged from their results since it come in power, is to destroy Greece and act only as a proxy of the European lenders – Germany in particular against the interests and well-being of the Greek public. It will need 21 years for unemployment to reach the pre-crisis levels! Any objections? being impartial, wonder what the Greek opposition can do and deliver if they were in power or if the come to power! We reiterate that Greece needs only an ARISTOS team to run the country for ten years – during which the country will be streamlined and then elections can take place. END OF THE STORY. If there is any objection we will be more than pleased to entertain live on any A1 TV international channel all those opposing this.

All set for the takeover in Washington this Friday despite the normal boycott that always take place; nothing to worry about. The Trump era begins as well as a New World Order; wouldn’t be surprise to see the “unprecedented” changes as many just imagine. to be materialised. Indeed he takes over in a very messy internal and external environment. There is a saying though that: “A successful businessman is successful everywhere” – given that politics are strict business…

Africa; Troubles in Gambia and same must be contained; tomorrow we will know definitely more. In Mali, Al-Queda affiliates attack with car bombs… Another despicable issues there. Is ex-soccer star Mohamed Abroutika in Egypt’s terrorist list?

This year marks twenty years after the Hong Hong handover from the United Kingdom to China; what has changed there and how BREXIT fits-in now are the two most important issues! Meantime China must get its act together when all the celebrations for the New Chinese Year, the Year of the rooster ends, as there are issues needing immediate attention. The South China Sea, Chinese companies business expansions in all five continents amid a slow down of the Chinese economy and its world trade transactions and movements of cargoes around the world…

Japan, as have numerous times said is closely watching whatever happens in its region as well as all over the Pacific Basin.

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality.

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