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Salt Technologies, a new Grupo Lindley company

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lindley_logos_screenSalt Technologies is a marine engineering company recently formed in London (UK) under Grupo Lindley’s umbrella. The new company incorporates an excellent team of engineers and naval architects with extensive experience in engineering consultancy for offshore, oil & gas and renewable energy projects.

Salt Technologies offers design and engineering of marine structures, further expanding Grupo Lindley’s capability to develop new products and respond to unique projects with bespoke solutions. In addition, Salt Technologies has the capability to provide world class naval engineering services, having signed a partnership with the renowned naval architect Tony Castro.

Pedro Arriaga, Salt Technologies general manager, says that the company offers “a fresh approach to maritime engineering, by bringing together old-timers with decades of experience, and a new generation of engineers, proficient in the latest analytical tools. Part of our challenge is to ensure that the two generations communicate effectively, but when we get it right, our customers get the
best of both worlds.”

Salt Technologies is joining the other three companies of Grupo Lindley: Alhlers Lindley, manufacturer of floating equipment for marinas and harbours; Almarin, manufacturer of marine aids to navigation; and Almovi, distributor of cargo handling equipment for harbour and industrial applications. Founded in 1930, Grupo Lindley, is headquartered in Cascais (Portugal), with offices
in Barcelona (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and London (UK).

About Grupo Lindley

Grupo Lindley is formed by four privately owned companies established in 1930:
– Ahlers Lindley: Marina and Harbour infrastructure
– Almovi: Lifting systems and cargo handling equipment
– Salt Technologies: Analysis and Design of Marine Structures
Grupo Lindley has more than 85 years of experience in the supply and manufacture of equipment
and infrastructure for harbour and industrial areas.

Viewers who want to find out more about the company’s  activities, can visit its website: www.grupolindley.com

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