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BALEARICA continuous support on the “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets” in Tenerife

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The Spanish shipping company BALEARIA collaborates actively with Capt. Antonio M. Padrón y Santiago, “IMO Maritime Ambassador” and Maritime Authority of Tenerife, in the “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets”

BALEARIA has embarked a total of 20 students with the aim of training future professionals, qualified and specialized, to work on board his ships.

The vessels involved in the program are the ferries MARTÍN I SOLER, ABEL MATUTES, BAHAMA MAMA, SICILIA and POETA LÓPEZ ANGLADA.

BALEARIA is a leading Spanish shipping company specialized in passenger and roro cargo with regular services in the Balearic Islands, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Caribbean.

BALEARIA operates routes between mainland Spain (the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Dénia) and the Balearic Islands, being the only company connecting these islands.

On the other hand, is one of the main operators in the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting Algeciras-Tangier and Algeciras-Ceuta.

Since 2011, BALEARIA operates between the United States and Bahamas under the BALEARIA CARIBBEAN brand.

BALEARIA provides direct employment to about 1,196 people, including ground and onboard services, with a total of 25 vessels.



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